Are you gonna stand by the side or ride? What was once X, is now a completely different experience!

Today we will be reviewing X2, the worlds first 5th dimensional coaster, at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

X2 is filled with suspense, epic drops, on-board audio, fire, and intensity! X2 is often said to be one of the best coasters on earth!

With that said, lets start the X2 ride review! 😀


The whole X2 experience starts as your getting in the train! As your getting in the train, the on board audio gets you hyped, and says “Is everybody in? Is everybody in? is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin…”

Once you leave the station, you go up a 200′ lift hill while the on board audio plays. “It had to be you…”,  “It will all be over soon…”, “You can’t handle the truth!” and much more gets you scared because you don’t know whats coming.

Once your at the top of the lift hill you slowly go down a little hop then down a 80 degree drop, you then spin 360 degrees so you can look straight down when you drop at 76 mph! Man, this coaster is epic! 😀

Your seats then change so it’s like your laying down, but not for long. After that amazing drop, you then go up a half loop and your seats change as if it was a invert! This coaster is all over the place, but its awesome!

You then go through a raven turn, then the seats change you so your on your back again, then.. let there be fire! 2 flames come up then you go into the final part of X2,  and into the break run. And with that, X2 is over.

My loyal followers, in the end X2 is a crazy, intense experience filled with, suspense, fire, intensity, and on-board audio. And X2 at night is a completely different experience! If you’re heading to the park anytime soon, X2 is a must ride when visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain. And, its one of my favorites!

Let’s end this ride review with a picture of X2’s half loop!


Thank You so much for checking out this ride review. Much more content coming in the future, so stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on X2? Comment your thoughts down below!

If you want to learn more about X2, you can click here.

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