Twisted Colossus, the most innovative, and anticipated hybrid coaster. New for 2015!

What once was “The King of Wooden Coasters” is now a completely new experience filled with airtime, steep drops, and lots of Twisted Fun,¬†on Twisted Colossus you are sure to “Get Twisted!” ūüėÄ

with that said, let’s start the Twisted Colossus ride review!


Twisted Colossus starts off leaving the station, into a powerful launch sending you into the very twisted, twisted hops. The train then takes you up a 128′ lift hill, then drops you at 116′ at 80 degrees providing ejector-airtime.

It then leads you into a small (but satisfying)¬†airtime hill¬†into the first “High Five” element in the western hemisphere, then down into the hidden-gem of Twisted Colossus providing a unexpected drop. The train then it takes you into a another small airtime hill, then leads you into one of the biggest airtime moments of the whole ride right under the top gun stall. It then takes you into the “Zero-G Roll” then into 2 airtime hills, The train then takes you into the break run, then it takes you up the 128′ lift hill again, dropping you at 116′ at a 80 degree angle.


It then takes you through the small airtime hill into the “High Five” element, which¬†immediately jerks you smoothly right into the “Double Down” Element then into the epic, thrilling, and just plain fun: “Top Gun Stall” Element!


It then takes you right under the “Zero-G Roll”, providing some awesome ejector-airtime. Then last but certainly not least: it takes you into the 3 final moments of airtime into the break run.


Guys, in the end Twisted Colossus is just a awesome experience filled with: 4 minutes of ride time, 18 airtime moments, wonderful head-choppers, adrenaline,¬†and just a overall awesome ride experience. Twisted Colossus is a must ride when visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain. don’t believe me? Go see for yourself!

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