It was a beautiful day to go bring you guys an update on The New Revolution, with tons of work being done, and just a pretty decent weather, we decided to bring you an update on The New Revolution! So with that, let’s get this update started! We also have a general park update. If you would like to see that, click here.

The track & supports going across Valencia Falls has been painted, and I know I always say this, but it looks fantastic!



The old viewing platform for Revolution has started it’s demolition. Expect to see this completely gone within the next couple of weeks.


The loop is looking better than ever, with a newly-installed lighting system around the loop. Of course it wasn’t operating yet.


I noticed that a lot of the track has not been painted yet. I’m wondering if it’s like what RMC is doing with their new coasters, or if they just haven’t painted it yet.



Here is another shot of the almost painted supports near the Full Throttle Zone:


Work continues on the station, a new control panel has been put in. Looks like they’ve started painting more of the outside of the station. They haven’t been painting it for quite a while. I’m unsure why, though.


Here is a closer look at the new control panel that has just been put in:


Now for something that is really exciting, at least in my opinion, the old Revolution barricade blocking the exit has been taken down! Could this possibly mean we could see opening sooner than May? I sure hope so!




More guard rails have been put up near the exit (as seen in last photo) here is a picture of the newly-placed guard rails:


Let’s end this picture of the newly-repainted lift hill!


Thank you guys so much for checking out our latest update on The New Revolution!

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What is the next ride you think should get this treatment? Comment your thoughts down below!

To learn more about The New Revolution, click here.

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