Every day we get closer and closer to The New Revolution’s opening, and every day I get a little more excited. Today I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain to bring you a update on The New Revolution there has been a lot of progress (surprisingly) since the last update. With that said, let’s get The New Revolution update #7 started!

Since there wasn’t too much going around the park, I decided to just make this update for The New Revolution. So updates on Flags, etc. Will be on the general park update. Click here if you want to check that out.

Looks like the park decided they didn’t like the blue colors on the loop, so they painted it completely white instead of blue and white. I think this was an awesome move on the parks part because it’s great to keep the iconic loop how it was when it opened back in 1976.


The New Revolution crew was hard at work painting the loops track all day. I got to hand it to them working all day on a Saturday. I know RMC did most of their work on the weekdays. But I guess they’re just trying to get it done asap. Can’t wait till it opens. Also, the park has confirmed that Tatsu will NOT be repainted this year. Fingers crossed for next year!


Over near X2 and Viper, the path that leads to The New Revolution’s station has been confirmed by the park to be a ADA entrance. I’m honestly happy with that. I’m glad they’re keeping the entrance where it is.


Over near The New Revolution’s station the lift hill has been repainted, and looks great (obviously) and a lot of guard rails have been placed near Revolution’s old exit, leading up, and down the mountain. Also, If you look to the left of the guard rails you can see that they are working on placing a second path for The New Revolution.



The first turnaround has also been completely repainted:



If I haven’t said it enough, I love the color they’re using to repaint the supports! Here are a few more shots of the newly-painted supports! 😀




Thank you guys so much for checking out our latest update on The New Revolution!

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Did you like the blue colors on the loop? Comment your thoughts down below!

To learn more about The New Revolution, click here.

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