We visited Six Flags Magic Mountain for the amazing premiere of The Legacy of Arrow, but we couldn’t go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and not have a new update for you guys! That said, let’s get this started! Many of the bottom of The New Revolution supports have been painted with dark and light blue primer, also some of the supports have been painted fully with a very vibrant blue color:



I got to say, I honestly was a little skeptical about the blue and white colors… but now I love them! It really complements how historic and revolutionary this ride is and was. Over near Baja Ridge, more work is being done on the station, the roof, and the outside of the station is been painted and it looks great!


They are starting the process of getting the new control panel in for The New Revolution, before they put a tarp up to help protect the exposed wire from the rain. The tarp has been taken down now:


While near Baja Ridge, I noticed part of the supports for the lift hill and the supports of the second hill have been painted fully and it looks great:



Lastly, The Grand Carousel is undergoing an extensive refurbishment with The New Revolution. In just like The New Revolution, it looks amazing!


Thank you so much for checking out this new The New Revolution update!

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When do you think The New Revolution will open? Comment your thoughts down below!

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