Today we visited Six Flags Magic Mountain to bring you an update on The New Revolution, we also have an all around park update that you might want to see. If you want to see that update, you can click here. 

This will be a shorter update because nothing that big has happened yet. Hopefully we will see something exciting happen by February.

New ‘The New Revolution’ ads have been placed  on the once plain construction walls and it looks pretty good. This is just making me more and more excited to ride The New Revolution in Spring 2016.


A ‘Kubota Excavator’ and a ‘Bobcat Skid Steer’ are in The (Old) Revolution plaza. Hopefully we will see something happen with The New Revolution that the park has not told us yet. Only time will tell.

S1350030.JPG A ton of work has been done on the trees around Revolution allowing you to not only see more of Revolution, but Tatsu, too.


Thank you so much for checking out our 4th The New Revolution update! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

To check out our previous The New Revolution update, click here.

Why are you excited for The New Revolution? Comment your thoughts down below!

To learn more about The New Revolution, click  here.

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