We visited Six Flags Magic Mountain today to bring you an update on The New Revolution, we also have a general park update that is now live. If you would like to see that update, click here.

You can see that the trees around The part of Revolution’s track that goes inside the loop have been cut down, allowing you to see that part of Revolution more clearly.

S1340012 The transformation from Revolution to The New Revolution is really coming along nicely! Can’t wait to ride it in Spring 2016. Revolution’s exit going up to samurai summit is still standing. I don’t know if they are going to keep it for The New Revolution when it opens or just destroy it completely. We’ll just have to wait and see.

S1340063 The train that was in Revolution’s station facing backwards is now out of the station for some reason. I heard they actually ran it backwards, but only for employees. I wonder if this will replace Colossus during Fright Fest in 2016. I sure hope so!


Work continues on the station and queue. I wonder if they are going to modernize the station.  While I do like the classic feel of Revolution, I would like to see the station & queue ‘modernized’.


Lots of trees have been cut down near Revolution’s final helix. Since many trees have been cut down, you can see pretty much the whole track now! And might I say, it looks awesome!


Lets end this update with a picture of The New Revolution photo op!

The New Revolution, Coming Spring 2016!



Thank you so much for checking out our third The New Revolution update!

To see our previous The New Revolution update, click here.

Do you think they should modernize The New Revolution’s Station? Or do you think they should keep the station the way it is now? Comment your thoughts below!

To learn more about The New Revolution, click  here.

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