Today we visited Six Flags Magic Mountain for Veterans Day, to bring you an update on The New Revolution. We also have an update for all the park happenings, if you would like to view that update, you can click here.

The first thing we realized when walking around the main gate plaza, you can clearly see that many trees have been cut down to give you a better view of Revolution’s track:


You can obviously tell the trees around Revolution’s loop have been cut down. You can get a very good view of Revolution’s loop now! Man, we haven’t seen this view for like 20+ years! Man does that loop look awesome without the trees being there.


Some of the trees have been cut down and some of the wood is now at Revolution’s exit. Well, what used to be Revolution’s exit. Now its just Revolutions dirt path. 😉

The walkway that leads to Revolutions station has been pretty much destroyed, now there is caution tape that says “RESTRICTED AREA DO NOT ENTER”. I don’t know why anybody would be dumb enough to walk through there anyway. Nevertheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


There is a train in the station facing backwards and it’s wrapped. I think it is the new train and the park doesn’t want people to see it before it opens. After all, it would ruin all the fun to see it 4+ months early. Now, if there was a construction tour, that is a whole different story. 😉



There is a big dumpster filled with what looks like wood next to Revolution’s entrance. I hope they bring back the waterfall because that looked amazing.


There has been a huge amount of trees being removed this week, and even more trees will be removed in the weeks to come! Before we end this update, here is a picture of Revolution’s final helix:


Even though it’s not Veterans Day anymore, if you ever see or know a Veteran, make sure to tell them thank you! Because, without them, we wouldn’t be able to have the freedom to ride Roller Coasters!


Let’s end this The New Revolution update off with a picture of Revolutions loop next to Tatsu’s pretzel loop!

The New Revolution, Coming Spring 2016!


Thank you so much for checking out our second The New Revolution update!

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Do you think they should bring the waterfall back? Comment your thoughts below!

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