Six Flags Discovery Kingdom invited tons of media, bloggers, etc. up for the second tour of The Joker (we were unable to make it up there for the last one), and we were lucky enough to be invited to check it out! The track is almost complete! The only element left is the Asian Camelback! So without further ado, let’s get this started!

The Joker

They first took us near the final part of the ride that has yet to be completed: The Asian Camelback. Little fun fact, Captain Lee told us the reason it’s called the Asian Camelback is because camel’s have 2 humps and the element has ‘2 humps’. Also notice the Zero-G Stall, and that amazing, twisted drop in the background. This ride is going to be insane!


The awesome Step-Up Under Flip!


The awesome team at RMC were working on it as we were on the construction tour!


We were told that they had a hard time getting the crane in, so they had to remove a lot of wood. RMC said that they only kept 65% of Roar’s original structure! Here is a shot just to show the amazing work that RMC is doing. The track topples over itself 3 times!


Every time I see the pictures I took at the tour yesterday, it gets me more and more excited for this ride (Oh look, It’s Sean from CCK! 😛 ).


I love how a lot of The Joker track goes over itself. RMC is really doing an amazing job with this ride!



As if it wasn’t already behind the scenes enough, here is a behind-the-scenes look at what The Joker looked like in the designing phase of construction.


The lift hill and part of the Asian Camelback!


The dip of the Breaking Wave turn!


I spy with my little eye, The Joker train (more on that later in the post)!


Justin, lead foreman of RMC told us that there is still roughly 40% of the ride left to be completed. That’s hard to believe considering how much of the track is completed, but they’re the roller coaster builders, not us. 😛


Let’s end the actual ride part of the tour with a picture of the Asian Camelback!


After the ride part of the tour, they took us near the entrance of the ride and gave us a sneak peak of the what the station and new store will look like when the ride opens. It was pretty windy yesterday so one of our tour guides had to hold it up so it wouldn’t fall down.


Here is a look at what the new store will look like:



The park have added new switchbacks to The Joker’s queue to make the line longer. Which is understandable because Roar’s queue didn’t have much capacity, and considering how popular the ride will be when it opens, I really expected them to expand the queue a bit.DSC01521

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the train!


There’s the head of the train and the man himself!


The Joker!


Here’s a better look at the entire front car of The Joker’s train.


Let’s end this construction tour article with a picture of The Joker’s awesome 78′ drop!


An extreme thank you to Nancy, ‘chief explorer’ Captain Lee, RMC lead foreman Justin, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, for inviting us, and making this tour possible! And thank you for checking out our newest (and first) The Joker update!

Will you be riding The Joker this year? Comment below!

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