Welcome to the next part in ‘The History of Six Flags Magic Mountain’! Last time we covered the years 1971 – 1976 in detail, This time we are covering the years 1978 – 1981. So, with all that said, lets get this started!

1978 – The addition of Colossus, the fastest, and largest dual-tracked wooden coaster, that was later known as “The King of Wooden Coasters”, and “The Greatest Coaster in the World” (yes, really). But not too long after it opened, it was closed for an extensive refurbishment. When it did eventually open again, it was a much smoother ride. Also, in 1991, the camel hump before the

1979 – Park is sold to Six Flags.

1980 – Park is renamed Six Flags Magic Mountain.

1981 – Park opens Roaring Rapids, which at that time was the only one of it’s kind on the West Coast.  It was developed by Intamin in conjunction with Six Flags Astroworld (now defunct), which had a opening for a similar ride in 1979.

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