Fly at the speed of FEAR!

Today we will be reviewing Tatsu, the longest, highest, and fastest, flying coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

This is no ordinary coaster… this is a dragon!

Tatsu is filled with 62 mph ride speed,  at 70 stories high (170 feet), a length of 3,602 feet, and a duration of 2 minutes!

Tatsu is sure to get you flying out of your seat!

With that said, let’s get started with the Tatsu ride review!


Tatsu opened up May 13, 2006, and it opened as the longest, highest, and fastest flying coaster in the world! But, unfortunately. It will lose that record in 2016. To learn more about that, you can click here.

Tatsu starts off leaving the station up a 170′ lift hill, then you’ll drop down a corkscrew at 104′, flying along the track, zooming past the sky tower with some amazing views!


You will then take on a 96′ “Zero-G Roll”, and into a epic, 80′ horseshoe giving you a awesome view of Full Throttle, and Superman!

If that’s not enough, the train then takes you into a GIANT 124′ pretzel loop, leading you into a 77′ tall in-line twist,  Tatsu then takes you into the first break run and into a fun, albeit small, drop and into the final break run. And with that Tatsu is ready to breathe fire on the next batch of dragon slayers!

Riding in the front on this beast feels like your actually flying! I sometimes consider this to be the BEST in the park when I ride in the front. But in the back, gives you a very fun, intense, and thrilling time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want a thrilling, fun, smooth, and intense ride. Tatsu is where to go! I would ride it more if the lines weren’t always long. What I suggest you do is head to X2, Viper, and Tatsu first, then make your way down the hill when it first opens. Most of the time I do this, I ride pretty much everything in the park!

Lets end this ride review with a picture of Tatsu’s EPIC pretzel loop! 😀


Thank you so much for checking out this ride review. much more content coming in the future, so stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on Tatsu?

If you want to learn more about Tatsu, you can click here.

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