Whew… it’s been a long while since our last Six Flags Magic Mountain update, and the reason for that is (as some of you may know), our main camera for doing these updates got stolen. But now we got another camera, so we’re back in action! So with that said, let’s get this update started (it’s about time)!

It was an incredibly hot and busy day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. But luckily that didn’t affect our ability to show you what’s going on around the park. Which there was actually a lot to update on. But I guess after a long hiatus, that’s to be expected.

Below is how long the line was to go to the parking lot at around 12:30 PM. It’s long, but hey. Why are you coming to a theme park if you don’t want to wait in long lines? 😛

The New Revolution: Galactic Attack is now open. I wasn’t (unfortunately) able to experience it due to the lines, but I will certainly be checking it out soon.

The hills on the backside of the park are completely green now, and it looks amazing. We haven’t really (or at least I) seen it this green for awhile.

Studio 6F has been repainted surprisingly. But I’m not gonna complain. It looks great!

The Justice League: Battle for Metropolis building is almost completely done. All it needs (as far as I know) is the facade found on all the other Battle for Metropolis’ around the country, then the outside will be complete.

Also, a little side note: look how incredibly MASSIVE the building is! Can’t wait to see it fully completed in the coming months!

Here’s a picture of the fence blocking people from what will be Metropolis with the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis building peeking out the top of the fence.

As far as The Riddler’s Revenge repaint goes, no visible work has been done as of yet. But I expect to see noticeable changes in the coming weeks.

A lot (if not all) of the restaurants around the park now have credit card scanners. They did before, but you had to have the employee do it for you. So if you don’t like people handling your credit card(s), I’m sure you’ll like this new addition.

The Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising sign has been taken down, and since Fright Fest has been over for (basically) 5 months, it’s about time.

Apocalypse is closed for a very very extensive refurbishment of some of (if not all) the roughest parts of the ride by a company called Wood Coaster Developments (a company from the U.K.) . Now, I never really had that big of a problem with Apocalypse. I mean, I still found it perfectly enjoyable, but this is great news nonetheless. Now only if they could add the on-ride sound back… yeah, I know.. but it was worth a shot.

That’s about all we have to update on, but hopefully we’ll be back much more frequently now that we have a camera. But to end this much needed update, below you’ll find some more pictures of how insane the crowds were today.

Thank you for checking out this park update!

Are you excited for Justice League: Battle for Metropolis? Let us know in the comments!

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