With Fright Fest being in full swing, the reopening of some of our favorite rides, and some not-so-lovely crowds, we thought it would be a great time to bring you guys a new Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update. So without further ado, let’s get this started!


Update: If any of you were wondering if anything new is going on at the future site of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, nothing really has happened over there. However, there were a couple of Loaders on site. But nothing too exciting.

It was pretty busy on the first day of Fright Fest. The metal detector lines were so long they had to open up the ones they use for the exit, and the scorching hot heat certainly didn’t help.



Like we previously stated, it was the first day of Fright Fest. So of course they’re going to put the Fright Fest sign at the entrance gates. I also noticed something a little weird. The park either forgot/didn’t care to add that Fright Fest started on September 17 this year as probably most of you know. Instead it still says September 27. Oh, well. At least the sign looks pretty cool.



Since it was the first day of Fright Fest, I thought it appropriate to show pictures of the final Fright Fest preparations. Below you’ll find pictures of preparations for the scare zone Demon’s Door, and VooDoo nights.




All the signs directing you towards all the mazes and Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Experience have been placed. And even though they’re basically the same as last year, it still looks pretty cool.


While I was at the park, I noticed that Superman: Escape from Krypton’s train on the left side was stopped at the place right before you launch up that 415ft tower. I’m not sure why it was stopped there, because they don’t normally do that. However, later in the day I saw it was back in the station. So looks like if it was stopped there because of a problem, they got it all worked out.




All the setup for TERRORtory twisted has been placed. Including that awesome, albeit slightly creepy, spider looming over the entrance to the scare zone.



Over at Twisted Colossus, the park has made the Twisted Colossus crew the “crew of the month”. I think it’s awesome that the park is doing this because it really shows their guests they care about their employees. Also, I think they were right to choose the Twisted Colossus crew as the “crew of the month” as they’ve been doing an awesome job at making it race 75% (give or take) of the time!


All the way in Cyclone Bay, all the preparations for Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising is done. We actually had the chance to experience Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising on the first day of Fright Fest. And, without any spoilers, let me just say this maze is awesome! So many scares and awesome architectural design on the buildings, and it has an awesome layout. If you’re going to Fright Fest this year, make sure you check Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising out! You won’t regret it.



Apocalypse is back open after a long maintenance break. We had the chance to ride it again, and it’s actually surprisingly smooth, and has way more (in my opinion) airtime than before! Definitely better than it was a few months ago!


Over on the top of hill, Superman: Escape from Krypton has finally received bins to put your loose articles in.


All the preparations for the Exile Hill scare zone and Willoughbys Resurrected. Which we tried out for the first time that day, and we had a blast. Willoughbys Resurrected is non-stop scares, and definitely a must when going to Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest.



Lastly, Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Experience is really coming together awesome. They should do this every year.


Let’s end this update with a picture of The Riddler’s Revenge!


Thank you so much for checking this park update!

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