With The Joker media day being next week, and us having crazy awesome coverage from our new correspondents, and it being almost a month since our last Six Flags Magic Mountain update, I thought it would be a great time to go to the park to bring you guys a new update! With that said, let’s get this started!

First off, there are signs placed all around the parking lot/park saying “For your safety, this property is under surveillance” .



Near Twisted Colossus, there are more parts for the new(ish) slides coming to Hurricane Harbor next year. I’m really excited to what comes of these new slides.


Signs have been put up advertising that The New Revolution is now open. If you haven’t ridden it yet and you live in the area, go ride it! It’s awesome!


Grad Nite has started. There are now 3 main areas around the park where they hold events for Grad Nite now. Movie Town, The Main Gate Plaza, and DC Universe.




They were rehearsing Full Throttle Nights the whole time I was at the park. I’m very excited for Full Throttle Nights to return. Have you seen Full Throttle Nights? Tell us in the comments!



X2 is still running one train, increasing ride wait times even on a not busy day like this dramatically. I’m hoping they return it to 2 trains by next month. Cause it’s just making the ride wait times unbearable.



Over near the site for the 2017 project, walls have been put up all around the construction site, disabling you to see what’s actually going on. I’m beginning to think it won’t be a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis because the area is so big. But I could be wrong.





Primo’s Pizzeria near Gold Rusher now has BBQ pizza for a limited time only. If you are visiting the park soon, try it out! It’s delicious!


The flowers near The Riddler’s Revenge have been replaced. I love that they keep replacing the landscaping every season.



Kwerk’s returning date has officially been set! Mark your calendars, Kwerk returns May 28th!


The Street Fighter V game station is still closed. If they’re going to never open it again, they might as well just take it away.


Lastly, for some odd reason there was a food truck next to the stand where there is going to be live entertainment in the summer. And it was actually open, with people ordering food.


Thank you so much for checking out our latest park update! We’ll be at The Joker media up at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom so stay tuned for coverage from that!

What do you think Six Flags Magic Mountain will be getting in 2017? Tell us in the comment section!

We recently uploaded a video of The New Revolution opening ceremony. Click on the video below to watch it. Thank you.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain Update 5/18/16 — 2 Comments

    • As far as I know, Tidal Wave has nothing to do with the 2017 project as of now. But if Tidal Wave will be torn down remains to be seen.

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