With Spring Break over, and it being a pretty decent day weather wise, it was a perfect day to bring you guys another general park update on Six Flags Magic Mountain!

The first thing I noticed while entering Six Flags Magic Mountain was that the park has officially started setting up for their Grad Nite 2016 event, I’m sure if there is anybody who is going to Grad Nite and has a season pass is pretty excited to see this.




The fences around The New Revolution have been fully repainted red and blue now. And I got to say, When I first saw they were just blue I wasn’t a fan. And, honestly I had no idea they were going to this! But man, was it a pleasant surprise! They look awesome!



Speaking of The New Revolution, the second train has arrived and it looks great! Notice that it’s white instead of red.


Since the lines were pretty short today, I thought I would share a picture of how short the line for Apocalypse was.


Let’s move over to Jet Stream, which has reopened after 2-3 months of being closed! It was running pretty good today. So glad to see it open again.



Over by Tidal Wave, you can see that the wood that use to be on the lift hill to take the boat up to the top has been taken out. Not sure if this is for maintenance, or if they’re gonna tear it down or what. But I will say this, if they do end up tearing it down, something BIG is coming in the near future.


Kwerk has officially been confirmed it will be making a return this Summer in the Gearworks Theatre (obviously)! I’m very happy about this, Kwerk is awesome!


Over to Hurricane Harbor news, there are new slide supports and tubes near Scream! Showing blue (Why does everything in the park have to be blue :P), green, and yellow colors. I’m glad they’re getting a new slide (even if it is basically just the same slide), it’s good they keep updating it.



Last but certainly not least, the old aftermath and BAT building is continuing it’s construction/deconstruction process. (I’m calling it both because most likely whatever is coming in 2017 is going to be here.) I’m thinking they’ll get either a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride, or a new coaster. I’ve been hearing that some people think they will be getting a dive coaster for 2017. Me personally, I don’t think they will. But you never know, it could happen. It is Six Flags Magic Mountain after all. 😛


Here are a couple pictures by the buildings old entrance:



Let’s end this park update with a picture of The New Revolution I took while I was at the park today!


Thank you guys so much for checking out our latest park update!

Will you be riding The New Revolution on opening day (April 21, 2016)?  Tell us down below!

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