Today was a beautiful day to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain, filled with almost every ride being open, (Except The New Revolution and water rides of course) mild crowds, and pretty comfortable weather! With that said, Let’s get this park update started! We also have an update on The New Revolution for you. If you would like to see that, click here.

There was some commercial shoot going on today, not sure for what. I’m guessing some interview for the park or something.


The Grand Carousel’s lights and soundtrack were on throughout the day. They’re really doing a great job with this whole project. (Thanks to the guy who photobombed this picture)


Here is another look at the repainted Grand Carousel with it’s lights on:


Up near Samurai Summit, the Happy Honda Express station continues it’s repaint at the top of the hill. I’ve gotta say, even though I would’ve rathered it be red to tie into the Chinese and Americana theme. It still looks pretty good. (even if it is blue :P)




Full Throttle’s train is back from refurbishment. I was unable to get a picture of the train in the from the queue. (I got to the park around 3:00pm and rushed over to The New Revolution for an update before it got dark) So here is a picture of Full Throttle with some branches photobombing!


The BAT (Batman Action Theater) deconstruction progress has skyrocketed since our last update! Give it 2-3 more weeks, and we could see this whole building gone! I’m very interested to see what they will do with this big plot of land in the future.



Time to end this Park Update off with a picture of The Riddler’s Revenge and Green Lantern: First Flight dueling!


Thank you so much for checking out our most recent park update!

What would you like to see go in place of the old Batman Theater? Tell us in the comments!

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