We visited Six Flags Magic Mountain to bring you a general park update and a update on The New Revolution for that update, click here. For the general park update, stay here.

The remodeling of Flags continues, and it looks awesome. Glad to see the main gate plaza getting the love it deserves. Really shows the park cares.


The (ugh) Helpful Honda Express station has been completely repainted (I think, haha) and even though I don’t like the name, I like the color of the station. Even if it is blue. 😛


More markings have appeared around Baja Ridge, Mining Town, and Main Gate Plaza. The park said they are going to fix up all the paths near Baja Ridge, etc. So I’m guessing this is what they’re for.



The Grand Carousel’s refurbishment continues. When you get up close to it you can really tell how much hard work they put into this whole project. Look’s amazing. Six Flags is doing an amazing job. Especially since they are doing this all in house!


I forgot to report on this on my last park update, but anyways, here it is! All of the advertisements that used to be in Viper’s train and station are now gone! And it’s about time! Those advertisements needed to go.


Demolition continues on the old Batman stunt show/Aftermath maze building. Quite obviously I might add.



Green Lantern is back open after a month or so of being closed, I rode it and it’s running great!


Let’s close of this park update with a picture of Tatsu going around the second turnaround!


Thanks for checking out this most recent park update!

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