It’s been quite a while since our last general park update, because honestly, there hasn’t been enough happening around the park to report on. But now we’re back and ready to bring you a fresh new update! We also have a new update on The New Revolution, click here if you want to check that out. And with that, let’s get this update started!


Jet Stream is still closed due to maintenance. Hopefully we will see it reopen within the next month it was a pretty hot day today so the park should have some water rides open so the guests can cool off while Hurricane Harbor is in the off season.


Over near the old Aftermath/Stunt show building, demolition has started and you can tell they are hard at work on demolishing this. I’m hearing this may be the spot for a future 2017 project.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to see a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride installed there in 2017. Or (and don’t scream at me for this) I would like to see a new coaster go in there. Maybe the first of it’s kind RMC T-Rex Roller Coaster. But that’s very unlikely. I think the most possible thing that could go there is a Justice League dark ride. But you never know. write your thoughts in the comments about what think could go here.




A lot of markings have been placed near Jet Stream and Apocalypse. Most likely they are going to replace the walkways. It doesn’t mean a Giga is coming. 😉 Here are just a few pictures of the markings I saw while around Cyclone Bay:





I went up to the top of the hill near the Sky Tower to get some pictures of Tatsu and the Sky Tower. Man, I miss being up there. The park should do whatever it takes to get that open again. Even if it means running it has an office elevator. And if they ever do, I would love to see them repaint it. Here is a picture of the Sky Tower just to show you how faded it really is:


Here is a shot of Tatsu’s train flying by the Sky Tower! 😀


Oh yeah… and there is this little thing I forgot to mention… what was it… Oh yeah! Twisted Colossus’ green train has arrived and is looks and runs great!


Near the front of the park, Flags has closed and is undergoing a massive refurbishment in time for The New Revolution’s opening:


Here are a few pictures showing you the new paint job Flags is getting:




Here is a picture of Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom and Superman: Escape from Krypton dueling to end this update!


Thank you guys so much for checking out our newest park update!

What would you like to see happen to the Sky Tower? Write your thoughts in the comments!

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Six Flags Magic Mountain Update 2/13/16 — 2 Comments

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  2. I would love to see a Justice League ride installed, and it is looking likely. It would really round out the park’s lineup.

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