Today we visited Six Flags Magic Mountain for Veterans Day to bring you a update on all park happenings. We also have a update on The New Revolution. If you would like to see that update, click here.

There are Holiday in the park Christmas reefs on pretty much every lamppost throughout the park:



Many buildings have also been covered in lights for Holiday in the park:



They have replaced Colossus’ spot on the greatest coasters ever wall with Twisted Colossus. I’m glad they decided to keep Colossus a part of Twisted Colossus’ spot.


The winter wonderland area is pretty much ready for Holiday in the park, all the snow covered animals are in the winter wonderland zone now:




The tree of heroes has returned, and man, does it look awesome!




The Screampunk District is back to normal, and is looking awesome as ever:


Twisted Colossus had about a 1 hour wait all day long, not bad for Veterans Day:


There is some steam-punk looking cannon next to Twisted Colossus’ transfer track. Could they be using this for Holiday in the park? I hope so!


The 2 parts of the Green Twisted Colossus train is now nowhere to be seen. Maybe they will be adding this sooner than we thought.


Here is a picture of Twisted Colossus on the final break run, and Goliath on the helix:


Here are some pictures we took today:

S1330097 S1330122 S1330121 S1330119 S1330126 S1330127 S1330133S1330148

All the theming around The Aftermath maze is gone. I really think something big is gonna happen. Because they don’t normally announce the closure of a maze. But,  more on that later. 😉

S1330125 S1330129

Jet Stream is closed due to technical difficulties. You will probably see it open by next week.

S1330131 S1330132

Since Fright Fest is over, that means everything from Shadows of Evil: The Ride has been taken down, except this:

S1330137 S1330138

For some odd reason the gate that leads to the old Deja Vu line was open, so I had to get a picture of it:


Trees all around Tatsu is being cut down. Could we see it get a repaint with The New Revolution? I dont know about you,, but I would love to see Tatsu get a repaint!

S1330150 S1330151 S1330152 S1330154

Even though it’s not Veterans Day anymore, if you ever see or know a Veteran, make sure to tell them thank you! Because, without them, we wouldn’t be able to have the freedom to ride Roller Coasters!


Let’s end this park update with a picture of Tatsu and Twisted Colossus!

S1330054 S1330172

Thank you so much for checking out this Park Update!

Remember, Holiday in the park starts November 27th! Don’t miss out!

Would you like to see Tatsu get a repaint? Comment your thoughts below!

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