With the lack of recent updates over the last month, and the final week of Fright Fest coming up this Friday, we thought it would be a great time to bring you guys a new Six Flags Magic Mountain update! So with that said, let’s get this started!dsc02779

First off, this isn’t really an update, but I wanted to mention it anyway. Check out the awesome new entrance to Demon’s Door!


This is probably the biggest change in this update. The park is now offering free park-wide Wi-Fi! This is an awesome addition to the park, and not to mention it’s way better than the Cyber Cafe Wi-Fi.  What’s weird is (as far as I know) the park doesn’t advertise it anywhere.


If you have the Season Dining Pass, you can now get a ‘Funnel Scream Cake’ at The World Famous Funnel Cake Factory (For a limited time). This isn’t the only food place that’s having ‘Fright Fest Exclusive’ stuff for the Dining Pass. Chop Six has Diablo Chicken, Cold Stone near Apocalypse has the Mint Mint Chocolate (Like It size), and I believe at least 2 other places are offering ‘Fright Fest Exclusive’ stuff as well.




The park is now encouraging you to vote on Nov. 8 by placing a huge banner(?) in what used to be Pistachio Park. Oh, and they’re not just telling you to vote there. They’re also telling you to vote near Gold Rusher.



We haven’t touched much on the photo shoots in the Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Experience, and since Fright Fest is ending this Sunday, here are some pictures of said photo shoots!



When we went to the park, it was actually pretty packed. Here are some pictures to show just how packed it was (even Viper had a line!):



For those who are wondering update any updates on the future site of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, not much has changed. Just more dirt moving. Although, there were quite a bit of markers around the site so I would suspect actual construction on the dark ride to start soon. Also, the park has added a new gate over near the entrance (to the site) next to Jet Stream.



The LexCorp power armor in the Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom has been taken out of the line for the ride for some unknown reason. I’m guessing it’s for refurbishment or something like that. I hope it returns soon, though.


Since there most likely won’t be another update before Fright Fest is over, here are a couple of pictures of Fright Fest in action!


The mapping in the Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Experience is amazing!


(Sorry for the blurry photo)


Let’s end this update with a picture of Full Throttle!


Thank you for checking out our latest park update! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we have personal lives too, you know!

Have you checked out Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain this year? Tell us in the comments!

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