Since Six Flags’ “starring” line-up of new attractions for 2017 were announced just yesterday, we decided it would be a great time to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain again to bring you guys a new update! With all that said, let’s start this update!


The park has started advertising for the 2017 season passes, and of course, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis that’s coming next year as well! Also, I would just like to say that all of us here at Crazy Coaster Freaks are very excited about what Six Flags Magic Mountain is receiving next year (especially considering how much this park needed a break from roller coasters).



In the front of the park, they’re setting up for Demon’s Door (One of our favorites), and it looks like they’re almost done! I’m sure there are still a few more things that need to be done, but most of the preparation for Demon’s Door is finished, and we couldn’t be more excited!



The New Revolution has (unfortunately) discontinued it’s single rider line. I’m unsure why, but it’s probably for the same reason they discontinued the Twisted Colossus single rider line (even more unfortunate).


X2 is still closed for maintenance. It’s supposed to open before September 10, however. Also, they are setting up for the theming around the Chupacabra maze.


Over near the future site of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, not much has really changed, just some dirt has been moved, and a few more markings have been placed. I would say the time to look for actual significant changes would be around the middle of Fright Fest.


Over near Cyclone Bay, Apocalypse is TESTING! Also, they were testing it with water dummies. Expect it to open pretty soon. Possibly by Fright Fest opening. Additionally, there is some crate next to the future site of Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising. I’m not sure if this is for the maze or the Wastelands scare zone. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



I can’t wait for all that new, awesome Metropolis theming because this is just sad. This is the ONLY (that I know of) theming throughout the entire Movie District. I’m so glad they’re giving this area a much needed update.


Now to perhaps the best part of this update. Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Experince has recievied an EPIC (in my opinion) new sign! This is starting to look like it could potenatilly be the best scare zone in the park (again, potentially)!


Furthermore, more lights have been added to the scare zone. Also, a little prop has been placed for what I’m guessing is in refereance to the movie. I say that because I haven’t actually seen it, and the way the critics are reviewing it, I’m not sure I care all that much. 😛



They also have a sign right under the big DC universe arch giving you info about Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Experince.


Last but not least, most of the theming for the Zombies Xing scare zone has been installed. This is actually one of my favorite mazes and it has some of the best theming for a scare zone in the park, so I’m very excited to experince it yet again this year.



Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain park update!

Are you excited for Fright Fest 2016? Tell us in the comments!

Six Flags is hosting their 3rd annual Flash Sale right now. If you’re planning on buying passes anytime soon, we reccommend you buy them right now. You can find the link to the Flash Sale here. The sale ends September 5, so hurry and buy them while you can!

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