It’s been about a month since our last park update on Six Flags Magic Mountain so I decided to go to the park to deliver you guys a new update! Turns out there was actually a lot of changes around the park. Including Fright Fest preparations, the re-track of Apocalypse, and more! So with that said, let’s get this update started!


The park is now advertising for the new ‘Suicide Squad’ movie with photo ops in the front of the park near Six Flags Emporium, and also they are making a whole Scare Zone (placed in DC Universe) for it (more on that later).



Over near The New Revolution, they have change the straps for the VR headsets to plastic straps instead of the rubber-like straps, making them a lot easier to put on, reducing dispatch times not completely to how it should be, but it’s definitely changed a significant amount.



The park has added a new shade at the exit of The New Revolution, providing the employees with shade. This isn’t the only ride they did this to however, they also added 2 other shades around the park, One at Full Throttle, and one at Tidal Wave, and in my opinion, it was a great move for the park to do that, and I’m sure the employees appreciate having some shade (especially on those hot summer days).




Over by Ninja, the tree removal continues. When I first saw that they were removing trees I thought it would be for a new coaster (as the site for the attraction for 2017 isn’t too far from there and it would make sense), But now I honestly don’t understand why they’re doing this (as they’re most likely getting a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis next year).


Apocalypse is closed while they do some touch-up retracking, Which I’m very happy to hear, as it was starting to get a little bit on the rougher side. Hopefully when it reopens, it’ll be a lot smoother, as it has one of the best premises & theming on a roller coaster in California. I tried getting a shot of the re-track work, but there aren’t many noticeable changes as of now. I’ll keep you guys updated on any changes I see when I go to the park.




Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising preparation has started, now you can’t see TOO much at the time I’m writing this update, but what you can see was enough to get me excited for Fright Fest this year. If you guys live near the area, or are planning to come to SoCal anytime from Sept. 17 – Oct. 31, definitely come and check out Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain! It’s gonna be awesome! 😀



Over near the 2017 location, nothing’s really changed except they’ve seemed to have smoothed the land out more. I can’t wait to see what’s coming in this area. Of course the most popular theory is that the park will be receiving a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride next year. But the area’s so big that you can’t say anything for sure just yet. But I’m sure whatever it is, is going to be awesome.



Tidal Wave has reopened after a long break. It’s awesome to see the park have 3 water rides open simultaneously again because on those hot summer days, the park needs as many water rides open as possible so people who don’t go to Hurricane Harbor next door can cool off. Also, while Tidal Wave was closed, it also received a new sign!




Six Flags new ‘Summer of Games’ event has begun. For only $20 you have the chance to play 5 games, and if you win one you get a medal, but if you win all 5 games you qualify for a free Gold Season Pass, A Gold Flash Pass, or a Gold Season Dining Pass. Even if you don’t win, it’s still a great time to have with your family and friends, if you normally play games at theme parks, I recommend you try this.


Over near DC Universe, the park is setting up for their new-for-2016 ‘Suicide Squad: The Six Flags Experience” (as mentioned above) Scare Zone. I’m very excited to see what they will do this and I can’t wait till I can see it in full swing come September 17.




The orange train has returned to Twisted Colossus and has replaced the blue train (the blue train is setting on the transfer track)! Might I just take a minute to say how AWESOME the Twisted Colossus crew is doing. The ride duels about 75% of the time now! So here’s to you TC crew, you’re doing a great job! 😀DSC02439

Let’s end this update with a picture of Scream at sunset!


Thank you so much for checking out our new update! We’ve been making some changes to our website recently. Are you a fan of the changes we’ve made to our website? Tell us in the comments!  Also, Six Flags just announced that the chain-wide announcement for their 2017 lineup will be September 1st!

Are you excited for Fright Fest 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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