I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain today to bring you guys a general update on the park and of course, an update on The New Revolution! A lot of work has been done since our last update. With only 4 days left till The New Revolution opens (For Season Pass Holders Only) I decided to make this the last The New Revolution update. With that said, let’s get this started!

Disclaimer: There wasn’t enough to report on last week. so you may see some things that didn’t happen this week in this update. Thank You.

The Park has officially begun the 2016 season with new maps, being open everyday, and updating all the restaurants to show the 2016 sport bottles instead of 2015 sport bottles, and other stuff like that.


‘Suzette’s Bakery’ has been transformed into ‘World Famous Funnel Cake Factory’ While I do like the new sign, I still cannot ignore the faded paint all around the building. Hopefully we’ll see this be painted by The New Revolution’s official opening next month.


The Six Flags Emporium is now open, and looks great. Some people don’t like it, but I think it looks fine. What do you like better, Flags or Six Flags Emporium? Comment your thoughts below!




Cue the hallelujah chorus! The New Revolution sign that replaced the old Baja Ridge sign is up and it looks absolutely fantastic! Especially with all the beautiful landscaping around the whole area! Great job Six Flags! Even though I do love this sign, I hope they put the Baja Ridge sign somewhere else in the area, and not just remove it completely..


Speaking of landscaping, the TNR crew (that’s what I’m calling it now 😛 ) was hard at work landscaping the area in, and around The New Revolution area.




The Cyber Cafe is still receiving it’s transformation from ‘Cyber Cafe’ to ‘Plaza Cafe’. I hope with this remodel they’ll the internet.


The Grand Carousel has been renamed to The Grand American. I’m not sure if I like the name.. In my opinion if they were gonna change the name, they should’ve changed it to The Grand American Carousel. Again, that’s just my opinion.


Most of the horses for The Grand American have been put back. This project is nearing completion, and it’s looking great.



The Helpful Honda Express (Why?) project is now complete, and while I don’t like the name, and that they have painted so much stuff in the park blue, I do like the overall look of it. DSC01023


Chop Six is now open, and their food is amazing! My personal favorite is the Orange Chicken. Even if you don’t have a season pass, Chop Six is one of the best choices to eat at the entire park.


The New Revolution’s control panel has begun it’s repaint process. And I really like the colors they went for. It really complements the whole station’s repaint in a really great way.



Exit signs have been placed at The New Revolution’s exit. If you couldn’t already tell, I love the everything they’re doing with The New Revolution (Minus The Helpful Honda Express and The Grand American). Notice the boxes where you will put the VR headset once you’re done riding in the top right corner of  the picture.


I happened to get a glimpse of The New Revolution train on the transfer track, and I noticed the hood for the car has been taken off. With media day just over the horizon, maybe they took it off so they can have a big reveal at that event (I won’t be there incase you were wondering).


The ‘Shadyrest Room’ is down for remodeling, I love that the park is taking this year to do improvements all around the park, and not just Baja Ridge, and the Main Gate Plaza. It really makes the park a much better place to have better landscaping, bathrooms, etc. Hats off to the park for all this amazing work they’ve been doing!


Over near the Full Throttle Zone, there are now designated lines on the ground to help create neater single file lines for Loaded Dogs. This was a great move on the parks end. For some reason they didn’t do the same thing to High Octane Wings, Loaded Dogs neighbor. I would guess they would add those to High Octane Wings too in the next couple of weeks.



All the way over near The Riddler’s Revenge & Gold Rusher, the old BAT (Batman Action Theatre) and the old Fright Fest Aftermath maze building deconstruction has concluded. Other then the wall and bulding near Riddler still being up, there is almost no trace that building was ever there. What do you think could go here? Comment your thoughts below!


X2 has been running 1 train these past few weeks, causing the wait time to extend dramatically. I really hope it goes back to 2 trains soon.



The wooden panel right outside the backside of The New Revolution’s station has been painted red, again, it looks great.


Once it got to the early afternoon, I saw TNR crew was in the process of putting up a new fence. I can’t stress enough how great the area around The New Revolution looks.



The fences around The New Revolution have a new emblem, and it looks pretty good.


The New Revolution has received new LED chaser lights, I can’t wait to see these in action.



Last but not least, Scream has received a third, refurbished, repainted train, and it looks A-MA-ZING! Here are a few pictures of the newly-refurbished train I took while at the park today.




Let’s finish off this huge update with a picture of the almost finished landscaping near The Grand American I saw as I was leaving the park!


Thank you guys so much for checking out our last update on The New Revolution, and latest park update!

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Will you be riding The New Revolution this year? Comment down below!

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