I had the chance to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this Sunday to ride The Joker on it’s opening day.  However, there were issues with the ride that prevented the ride from opening from 2:00 PM Sunday to Closing on Saturday.  This update will be a shorter one, as I spent most of my time waiting for The Joker to open on both Saturday and Sunday.

With that said, let’s get started with the update!


On Saturday, the park was running a season passholder preview event for the ride from 9 AM to 9 PM.  The problem with that was I would only be able to make it out to the park after 2:00.  When I got in line for The Joker, the ride was still running perfectly.  However, about 15 minutes into my wait, the ride closed down and they cleared the line.  The ride ran two test runs after that, but never ran again all day.  On Sunday, I had already ridden all of the rides I had wanted to ride that weekend, so I decided to wait outside of the entrance to the ride.  This ended up to be 8 hours of standing and sitting in the shade right outside the queue line.  At about 7:30 PM, the ride operators made an announcement that the ride would not open at all for the day.  It is important to know that this is not the ride operator’s, the maintenance team, or RMC’s fault that the ride did not open on the first day for the general public to ride.  There was an unforeseen problem with the ride, and there were people working on the ride overnight to try and fix the problem.



V2: Vertical Velocity was still down for maintenance and Joker Construction.  There appears to be no train in the station.


Superman: Ultimate Flight had a long line all weekend long.  At opening on Sunday, the line was up into two of the upper switchbacks, from the crowd that went to ride The Joker and left after they saw it was not open at the time.  I got two rides on it, which were both in the back car.  The ride is still running as good as ever, with operations being as slow as usual.



Medusa was quite the opposite of Superman: Ultimate Flight, with a very short line.  The line was only down the stairs.  However, my ride in the second row was met with a noticeable B&M rattle.  This could have just been the seat I was in, but it was still there.  The worst of the rattle was in the Sea Serpent Roll, which knocked my head around pretty badly.  The operators were hustling as usual, cranking out train after train.




Thank you for checking out our first Six Flags Discovery Kingdom update.  Big shout out to the greeters for The Joker who came out to the queue and kept everybody company.  I will leave you with this off ride video of Superman: Ultimate Flight.

What do you think about Six Flags Discovery Kingdom?  Tell us in the comments below.

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