Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report January 16, 2017

With this past weekend being a three day weekend and the forecast sunny, it was a perfect day to visit the park. Seeing as it is January and the park is typically dead, I decided it was time for another trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I called some friends to see if they wanted to go, and we headed off in the morning to the park.

The Joker, heading down its steep main drop.

We got there a little past opening, and very few people could be seen. The parking lot was quite empty, and there were no lines at the pay stations to enter the parking lot. Very few people were walking to the park. On a typical summer day, there are hundreds of people walking into the park. Going through security was a breeze. There was no wait to enter into the park. The sun was shining with few clouds in the sky. The seaside fog was rolling away.

Once we entered into the park, our first stop was Vertical Velocity. It wasn’t quite open yet, but seeing as we just wanted to chill and not have an agenda, we decided to wait. Around 10 minutes later, they opened up V2 and we got a nice ride in the back two rows. (These two rows are some of my favorite seats on V2 along with the front, but I had just gotten a few front rides a couple weeks ago and decided to head the the back of the train.) After the first ride on V2, we decided to head to The Joker. The Joker had a wait time of approximately 8 minutes roughly. The ride ops were filling each train and dispatching them quickly. We were given rows 10 and 11, near the back. The first ride on The Joker was on the purple train, and it flew through the course! It was going quite fast, but the airtime was not as strong as it was a few weeks ago.

Here is the green train going through the first small airtime hill ebefore the lift hill.

After we rode The Joker 4 times, with the line getting shorter each cycle, we headed to Medusa. Superman: Ultimate Flight was closed for annual maintenance. It will reopen in a few weeks. Medusa had an even shorter line. This line was so short it was basically nonexistent. We walked onto the back row, and stayed there for three complete cycles. There were times where there were possibly eight people on the train! Medusa was running VERY fast, but had a slight noticeable rattle. Nothing to worry about yet, as it still is the smoothest floorless coaster out there, but it may be time to refurbish the train soon.

Medusa in the middle of the zero-g-roll.

After Medusa, we headed to Kong. This is the line we waited in longest for. With one train operations since the park is refurbishing the other train, the line had built up over time. It didn’t take long, but it took around 15 minute for us to get on. Later in the day when we returned to Kong, there was no line and it was walk on. The ride experience was like usual. Not too rough, but very shaky and quite a bit of headbanging. Still a very fun ride, but one I can only ride once or twice a trip.

After Kong, we took it easy in the park. We went to eat in the food court, watched Odin the white bengal tiger, went on Boomerang, saw some shows, and went back to ride The Joker, Medusa, and Kong some more.

Odin! The park’s white bengal tiger.

Boomerang heading through it’s loop.

Overall, it was a fun day, full of coasters, shows, and fun. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth has not been worked on at all, but looking at the location for where it is going still amazes me. The area is so tight! It is really going to be interesting to fly by the park’s three out of four major coasters!

If you get the chance, I highly recommend a visit to the park soon. It is a lot of fun to visit when no one is there!

Thank you for checking out this park update!

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