Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, the newest attraction at Six Flags Great America. Justice League seems a little out of place since it has its own section of the park called Metropolis Plaza. With that said, here is our Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride review!


Pictured above is how amazing the Hall of Justice looks at night. Even though the park was open late the line still had at least a 90 minute wait.

DSCF1334 DSCF1298

This is a ride that gets crowded really fast and pretty bad capacity. It runs 9 cars with 6 riders per car but they tend not to fill the cars up all the way. My recommendation is get to the ride first thing in the morning or you’ll be waiting at least an hour if not more since it tends to breakdown a lot.


The interior of Justice League has a briefing video that plays through the whole queue but the video is short enough for you to see it 2 times while inside the Hall of Justice portion of the queue.  The life size Cyborg animatronic is really neat and pretty realistic. On the downside the ride doesn’t always open on time due to effects not working.

And with that, this concludes my review of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Let’s end this ride review with a picture of the epic Hall of Justice building!


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Have you ridden Justice League: Battle for Metropolis? If so, what did you think? Tell us in the comments!

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