Crazy Coaster Freaks was able to visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Monday, June 27, 2016. We were able to see what was going on in the park. With The Joker just opening last month, we decided to head out and give it more rides. It was a great day to check out the park and give you all an update.


We arrived to the park at 10:30, right when they opened.  We headed to Superman: Ultimate Flight to catch a ride on this epic coaster. The line was a little under a 10 minute wait.  We asked for the front row, and even with the assigned seat policy, were given the row that we asked for.  The ride was running well today! It felt really smooth and ran very fast.


As soon as we got off, we saw that the line had grown considerably to around a 15 to 20 minute wait.  This is a popular ride at the park so if you do head to the park, we advise you to ride this coaster first.

Next up was The Joker.  This ride had the longest line, filling up around a third of the queue.  That being said, the line moved very fast.  We were up to the front of the line in under 20 minutes.  Props to The Joker crew for working hard and pumping out train after train after train.  They also were trying to fill every seat, even without a single riders line! They filled many trains up to full capacity.

This only helped move the line faster. HAHAHA was added to the queue that was not there during Media Day! It looks fantastic and adds some more theming to the queue. Unfortunately the red paint that they painted the queue fence with was starting to chip off and many people were carving their names into the paint.  It also doesn’t do well under the hot California sun.  It doesn’t look too bad right now but let’s just hope the park addresses the situation.


Again, even with the assigned seating policy, we asked for the front row and were given it.  We headed off and had a very fast ride on The Joker.  It is still breaking in and you can hear the terrible noise of the wheels during some of the tight turns, but it isn’t as noticeable as when it first opened.  Give it a year and The Joker will be running much faster like its older cousin down south, Twisted Colossus. Overall, it was the best ride we have gotten in the front, but row 11 is still our favorite.

We then headed down to the center of the park.  We passed by Monsoon Falls.  The park had stated that it would be closed today, but it was running so we got a quick ride on it.  We only had to wait for one boat load of people before it was our turn.  It was running exceptionally well, soaking riders from head to toe! This was a much wetter experience than normal. The only downfall was the murky brown water.  It was nice to have it open on such a hot day!

image image

We then headed to Medusa. The station where people queue in had been noticeably cleaned since our last visit.  There weren’t any cobwebs or water stains to be seen, which were many in number at the beginning of the season.  Good job Six Flags for cleaning up the station!


Medusa had a shorter line but the wait time was ridiculous compared to the length of the line.  The crew had the slowest operations I have ever seen on Medusa. We figure this is due to many of Medusa’s old crew moving to The Joker. We headed for the front row of Medusa, and after waiting around 30 minutes that should be a 10 minute wait, we got on.  Normally Medusa is butter smooth, but after riding, we noticed that Medusa was getting a noticeable B&M rattle.  The ride itself is still spectacular and smooth, but not as smooth as it usually is.


We saw that Kong was closed, and most likely getting the trains refurbished.  Hopefully it will be up and running again shortly.


We then decided to go take a quick lunch break and headed to the food section of the park.  There are many options that include smoothies and crepes!  We just had a burrito.  We then headed to the Hammerhead shark to celebrate the beginning of shark week.  There wasn’t a line which is quite unusual.  It was great and there was a lot of hangtime!


We headed off to Boomerang afterwards.  The line was quite long, filling half of the queue.  Boomerang was running very smooth for a Boomerang, and was quite an enjoyable forceful ride! It is always great to get on such a classic coaster!


After Boomerang, we went to see if Voodoo was open.  Unfortunately it is still closed.  We hope that it will open soon, as it is one of our favorite flat rides at the park.  Thrilla Gorilla was also closed.  It appears that this flat ride is leaving the park.  There were rumors and speculations that it was going to open later in the season, but for now it is stated on the park map as a seasonal event facility.

We headed back to Medusa to get another ride on this floorless, but this time in the back.  The line was still short but took a while.  We sat and waited for the crew to dispatch us for ten minutes!  It was quite frustrating because if the old crew was working at Medusa, it would have probably been a walk on all day. The B&M rattle was much less noticeable, and it was quite a bit smoother than our morning run on Medusa.  It was what we were used to and we were happy to see that Medusa still can run butter smooth.  We just hope it can be consistent with the smooth runs.

We then headed back to The Joker.  The line was the same as it was in the morning, and took even shorter than in the morning to make it to the front of the line. This time we asked for row 11, and we were given it.  It was great to ride in our favorite row and experience The Joker in a different way than in the front.  If you haven’t ridden The Joker, the front row has a totally different experience than the back rows. It is a great ride no matter what.


We were going to go on Superman again but the line filled up most of the switchbacks and appeared to be at least a 90 minute wait.  This was easily the longest line in the park during the entire day.  We decided just to ride The Joker again because the line was even shorter now.  It took ten minutes to get to the front of the line.  It then grew to be a fifteen minute wait which was still the shortest line in the park for arguably the best ride, so we just continued to ride The Joker for the remainder of our time at the park.  We rode it approximately ten times during our visit.  The first time was in the front, but the rest of our rides were in row 11.  The Joker broke down later in the afternoon, so we decided it was time to go.  The line grew quite fast and continued to grow.  It was testing one hour later but we left before we could see if it had opened again to the public.  It was a good day for The Joker though, with just small breakdowns during the day.  The park worked hard and fast to keep it running.  We hope that the coaster will soon be done with it’s opening curse of having many breakdowns because it is such a great ride!

V2: Vertical Velocity is still closed. It has been closed all season long.  The train is still off the track.  What is happening to the coaster is unknown at the moment, but hopefully we can see a repaint and a retheme coming soon.  Either that or we would just like to see Vertical Velocity running again.

It was a great day at the park.  Crowds were normal for a Monday, and the park seems to be working with it’s customer service and the attitude at the park.  The employees are very friendly and do their best to make your day fun.  If you are ever in the area, it is a great park to visit.


Thank you for viewing my first Six Flags Discovery Kingdom park update! I will try to get out to the park again soon and fill you in on more content!

What do you think of The Joker? Tell us in the comments!

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