Raging Waves is Illinois’ Largest Water Park at 45 acres. It’s located about an hour west of Chicago. I’ve been to the park numerous times since it’s opening in 2009. The water park’s theme is an  Australian oasis hence some of the names for the slides.

DSCF2484 DSCF2566

Since it’s opening nothing new has been added until this year.  Their newest waterslide, Wonambi is one of few zero-g wallslides in America.  It was really hyped up by Raging Waves this year but I wasn’t that impressed with it. Wonambi starts off really good until after the zero-g wall. After the wall there is a big splashdown that kills the momentum of the slide.


Wonambi surprisingly isn’t the most popular slide in the park. The most popular ride would be the Boomerang which is one of the many funnel slides.

DSCF2521  DSCF2533

I had a chance to check out Boomerang more than once and it is probably one of my favorite funnel slides. Since it’s the most popular slide the line can get close to 30 minutes long. Many reasons this gets long lines is because the Cloverleaf tubes get stuck in the slide.

DSCF2538  DSCF2579


Raging Waves has quite a few slide complexes including tube slides, body slides, and bowl slides. I didn’t get to ride these slides just because it was a more crowded day since it was really hot. Overall it’s a great stand-alone waterpark and I highly recommend visiting Raging Waves.

Let’s end our very first Raging Waves park update with a picture of one of the very many slides!


Thank you so much for checking out this park update!

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