We were lucky enough to be invited to California’s Great America for the media day for their latest attraction: Patriot. The ride was actually quite fun, and exceeded our expectations. So with that said, let’s get this started!

So first off, we arrived at the park around 9:45 AM to be pleasantly surprised with lots of Patriot merchandise. Below you’ll find a picture of one of things the park was kind enough to give us: a Patriot clock! The park also gave us a Patriot bag, USB Drive, and lanyard.

Next up was a photo op with Snoopy in front of the California’s Great America sign. Not much else to say about that, so have fun looking at the pictures below. 😛

After that was the opening & ribbon cutting ceremony, where they had military men (and women) be the first official riders of Patriot. Oh, and one of the guys from the military sang the National Anthem (quite well I might add).

After that was just an hour and a half of ERT on Patriot. Also they had a preview of some new food they were adding this year. And who doesn’t love free food?

That’s basically all there is to talk about concerning the Patriot Media Day, but to sum things up, it was an awesome event, filled with awesome rides on Patriot, free food, and some other merchandise given to us by the park. So basically, GET OUT AND RIDE THIS RIDE! You won’t regret it.

I just want to say thank you to California’s Great America for inviting us out, and for providing us with some awesome Patriot goodies. And thank you for checking out our report on the Patriot Media Day!

When will you be riding Patriot (if at all)? Let us know in the comments!

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