Even though it was almost a month ago, I have a great review of Knott’s Scary Farm from when I went to on October 14th. Let’s get to it!

Scare Zones:

Fiesta de los Muertos- 7/10: Always a fun scare zone. Not scary but the makeup and costumes are great. Plus the dance party is always fun.

Carnevil- 7/10: Another fun scare zone. Not scary, but it is fun watching the clowns scare other guests.

Ghost Town- 10/10: Always the best. Great sliders, great monsters, really thick fog. Always the original and really fun.

The Hollow- 6/10: Good concept, great outfits, but not scary. More fog would be better.


Returning Mazes for 2016:

The Tooth Fairy- 9/10: Love this returning maze. Love the “blackout” part of the maze. Always has a great scare factor to it and the length of the maze is great. I would bring it back next year.

The Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises- 6/10: Not scary at all for me. Still has amazing props and music, but I would not bring this back next year.

Voodoo: Order of the Serpent- 10/10: My 2nd favorite maze. Amazing props and scenes. I got scared twice in the first room. Wow! Amazing maze and they should definitely bring this back.

Trick or Treat- 6/10: I have no clue why anyone would wait 1.5+ hours for this maze. Great props and all, but it is not scary at all.

Paranormal Inc: The Haunting of Haden Hill (Case #13)- 8/10: Another 1.5+ hour wait when I went. Great props, love the pre-show and a good scare factor. Definitely a winner.

The Dead of Winter: Wendigo’s Revenge- 6/10: Not scary. I don’t get why anyone would wait 1 hour + for this maze. Great scenery and props, but half the animatronics weren’t working. I would not bring this back.


Skeleton Key Rooms:

Visions- 9/10: I really like this Skeleton Key Room. You go inside this small building and you are handed these “Paranormal Hunting Devices” aka IPads, and you hold them up to different pictures on the walls inside the building. Ghosts “pop” out on the screen and it’s pretty unique. At the end, the actors tell you to quickly put down the devices and they bring you over to this special door and the Green Witch pops out abruptly and you get a good jump scare.

Slasher- 5/10: Not scary at all. Kinda underwhelming the whole time. You are put in a room and there is only 1 guy that is supposed to scare you with his “routine” but he doesn’t. I would not bring this back next year.

Zozo- 10/10: This is by far the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Over where Plantseeker was (now the site of Sol Spin), you are put in a room with 5 other people and you sit around a table with an Ouija board on it. The actor does he skit and the adrenaline/anticipation of something popping out builds up. Then, your chairs move back, the lights go out, a bone chilling pause happens, then out of nowhere, a monster (Ouija Demon) jumps from what seems like the ceiling and onto the table. The jump scare, for me, was the best thing I have experienced at any Haunt attraction.

Prey- 6/10: You enter a small building with only a lantern and it was not scary at all. The concept is there, it just needs to be darker and scarier. And there needs to be an actual “Hey Maze” that you navigate through with the faulty lantern. It was kinda meh.


New Mazes for 2016:

Black Ops Infected-6/10: Sorta a “new maze” because they built an entire area just for this maze. I was really disappointed with this maze, mainly because the group I was put in was lame. The whole concept is amazing. The props and special effects are outstanding. The thrill factor: almost non-existent. I was not having any adrenaline/fun during this maze. When they had it in Camp Snoopy, it was way better.


ShadowLands- 10/10: My favorite maze ever. This maze was unreal! The theming is ridiculous. The scare factor was excellent. So many cool things that dealt with Japanese Samurais. They built an “outside” part of the maze where a Samurai was practicing his routine! That was so cool! I really hope this maze returns next year because Knott’s has a perfect maze on their hands.


The Red Barn- 9/10: Amazing theming, great props, good scare factor. I like the whole barn aspect to it (hence the name, The Red Barn). This was very gory and bloody and they should definitely bring this back. It was a good maze.

Overall, a great night at the Farm. I managed to get on 3 rides. Ghost Rider back row, which was amazing at night. Xcelerator back row, which was also amazing at night, and Sierra Sidewinder at 1:56am because my friend and I wanted to get on all of the haunted attractions and we had 5 minutes left before the park closed and we walked right on! If you have not been to any Knott’s Scary Farm event, I would highly recommend visiting next year.


Thank you for checking out this review!

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