I got the chance to visit Knott’s Berry Farm this past Thursday. It was a semi-busy day and I waited in long lines kind of like all of you have waited a long time for a Knott’s park update, so without further ado, let’s get this started!


First off was the new Ghost Rider. I waited about an hour which was not bad because since many day camps were there the ride lines were long. Back row on this beast was and always will be amazing.


Next up was Pony Express. It is back open after a long refurbishment and is running very well. Except for a slight delay I had while about to get on. But, nevertheless, still a great ride. It was running 2 trains when I went which is a good sign because that line can get long.

After, Iron Reef was the next ride and it is still (1 year later) a great addition to the park.


Then, a huge update, the new Calico Stage looks amazing. Love the whole look of this new-ish area and it looks great. Lots of hard work after the removal of Screamin Swing sure paid off with this look of a “modern” Knott’s Berry Farm. Looks awesome.


I then went over to the old Riptide area. It looks very nice as a planter area but I do not think anything new will be added in that area anytime soon, sadly.


Then, I rode Xcelerator in a painfully long line that should not have taken as long as I waited. But since the red train has just recently been taken out for a refurbishment, expect long lines for this because of the one train operations.


I did notice something under Xcelerator’s track. Lots of wood has been placed under there for what I believe is for Scary Farm. Most likely the case because where the Houdini maze was last haunt, there are lots of wood and wooden pallets by that building in the back.

Next was Montezuma’s Revenge. Still a great ride, but this type of clone is going extinct. Hopefully Knott’s does not remove it, but just refurbish it sometime soon. A new train would be nice and a repaint would uplift this fading coaster.


Heading out towards the exit, more wood has been placed by Plantseeker (Windseeker). Most likely more wood for a Scary Farm maze under Silver Bullet.

Lastly, outside of the park, where the old ice cream store was (either a Haägan Daaz or Dreyer’s was) is the new Starbucks shop is, as part of the huge renovation of the outer part of the park.

Thank you for checking out this Park Update!

What are your thoughts on the new GhostRider? Tell us in the comments!

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