Welcome to our first Park Update for Knott’s Berry Farm.  I had the chance to go to the park for the first time, and was very impressed by the level of theming and quality of the rides (except for Boomerang).  All of the rides were open all day, with the lone outlier of Pony Express, as it is still down for routine maintenance.  A majority of the rides were a walk on, with the exception of one ride in particular, which I will talk about later.  So without further ado, here is our first Knott’s Berry Farm Park Update.


We arrived at the park on Sunday night at about 6:30.  We were greeted with an amazing skyline, which, in my opinion, rivals Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as the best skyline of California.



Silver Bullet’s wait was just down the stairs when we arrived, which was actually the longest wait for it all trip.  This ride surprised me, as Flight Deck and Batman: The Ride are classic inverts, while Silver Bullet has a weirdness factor to it. The first drop’s angle of descent is rivaled by Sierra Sidewinder, although being a lot bigger. The big surprise to me was the final helix over the water, which provided a great amount of g-force.


Next, for my 50th Coaster Credit, it was time for GhostRider!  This was the only long line in the park, at about an 80 minute wait.  However, it was worth all of the wait in line. GCI did an incredible job with the ride.  Everything is so smooth, while still having the feel of a wooden coaster.  There is an incredible amount of airtime packed in, ejector and floater.


Xcelerator was the last ride of the night, and provided an amazing view of the surrounding area with the lights.  The only ride that I can think that beats the view at night is Drop Tower: Scream Zone at California’s Great America looking out over the valley.  They were only running one train, as the other was down for maintenance.  This didn’t affect capacity that much because the ride is very short anyway.


I arrived at the park the next morning for my second day at 9:30 for early entry, which Knott’s Berry Farm does really well.  Passholders and Hotel Guests get into the park 30 minutes early, which you can use to your advantage easily.  I got on four front seat rides before the park opened to the general public, on four different roller coasters.


Sierra Sidewinder was on the last test run with an employee when we got there.  The ride is a nice family coaster. I could definitely see it as a stepping stone for some children scared of bigger coasters. Some of the banked turns are fun, and offer very photogenic elements for the people below.


After Sierra Sidewinder, it was time for my first Schwarzkopf Looper, Montezooma’s Revenge. The Vertical Loop around Jaguar is a cool interaction between the coasters. The lap bars also make this 38 year old coaster very comfortable. Also, none of the rides have assigned seating, which is a common complaint on many coasters.


Jaguar was the most tame coaster at the park.  My favorite parts of the ride are when it interacts with the other coasters, like going through Montezooma’s loop.


Timber Mountain Log Ride was the biggest surprise of my trip.  The animatronics are very impressive, and the ride is bolstering with capacity.  The wait would have been 40 minutes on another log flume, but was half of that on Timber Mountain Log Ride.


Silver Bullet was a station wait all day.  I was able to marathon it many times before deciding to move on. The front seat is definitely the best, as the back was pretty bad.  After never waiting for it, it’s hard to imagine waiting through the incredible amount of switchbacks for it.


Xcelerator had a very small wait of about 15 minutes, with only one train in operation.  The launch is by far the most intense of any ride in California.  I also like how it goes through two extra turns and doesn’t just end after the top hat.


GhostRider’s line at one point reached outside the station building by a lot.  The line lessened later in the day, but was at least 45 minutes longer than every other ride at any point in the day.  I got the chance to ride it two times in the back and three times in the front, and it is definitely better in the front.

I leave my first Knott’s Berry Farm update with a off ride pov of Xcelerator. Thanks for reading our first Knott’s Berry Farm update.

What do you of the new GhostRider? Tell us in the comments!

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