It’s time for a ride review like no other. A ride review about the tallest coaster in the world! That’s right, Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure will be the ride review for today. So without further adieu, let’s get this started!


First off, this coaster is massive. It takes a very long time just to walk to the entrance of this ride from the entrance of the park! The line was short for each of the 5 times I rode it. My longest wait for this ride was 25 minutes (which is not bad at all for this coaster). Only one time it was down while I was in line, but it took only a few minutes for it to be back up and running again. I was very surprised that each of my 2 visits to the park, this ride did NOT experience a rollback. Thankfully, this ride was open both days.


So, this ride has a decent capacity. It holds 18 riders per train. The first day I went, it was only running 2 trains. But the second day, it was running 3, which helped reduce the wait time. The ride features Intamin over-the-shoulder restraints which does allow you to put your hands up, which is always nice considering this ride has OTSR’s. You climb in and the ride operators check your restraint, do a visual scan, and your off! You slowly crawl out of the station and watch as the train in front of you rolls back to grab onto the catch car, and then gets blasted off down the launch track at 128 miles per hour in just over 3.5 seconds. Then, you watch in amazement as that train gets rocketed up the 456 foot tower, dwarfing every ride in the park, and in existence. Once that train has passed through the top hat, you slowly inch forward and wait for the catch car to grab onto your train.


Then, you wait anxiously and in excitement for you to experience the tallest coaster on Earth. (if you sit in the front row, you will see the catch car) You see the catch car traveling back to the starting position. You wait for a little bit, then you see the brake fins go down and hear that omniscient hiss sounds which means you are about to travel into what feels like light speed. You hear the catch fin release from the train, and then all other riders on your train start to get nervous or excited with their mumbling or shouting noises. You wait another agonizing 3-4 seconds, then you are catapulted down the straight track, accelerating at 128 miles per hour. You launch up that top hat, giving you a 2-3 second view of beautiful Jackson, New Jersey as well as Hurricane Harbor below. Then you regain most of your speed and twist down the 270 degree spiral and get thrown into the huge camel-back hump of a hill and finally hit the brakes, all in about 20 seconds, realizing you just rode one of the fastest coasters ever built. Congratulations, you have just ridden, Kingda Ka!


I was lucky enough to ride this incredible coaster 5 times in my 2 visits to the park! This ride is amazing. If you ever get the chance to ride this, you MUST go front row. I rode the front row 2 times, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rows once each. The 4th row is very rough because the launch is so fast and so long that the train starts to shake a lot. If the line for the front row is too long, then ride the 2nd row, smooth, but not as great as the front.

Thanks for reading this ride review of Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest roller coaster!

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