I spent the day at Kentucky Kingdom on Friday. Overall it was one of my best visits. This ex Six Flags park has been a park that many roller coaster enthusiast have added to their must go to parks list, after it’s re-opening.

Kentucky Kingdom

With this year’s newest addition of Storm Chaser I’m sure a lot more coaster enthusiasts will make this park on their bucket list. Yes it is a small park and it’s really restricted with what type of rides they can have since it’s right next to the airport, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fun park with a great assortment of rides and roller coasters.

Okay so let’s talk about Storm Chaser. When I first got to the park (an hour after it had already opened) I went straight to Storm Chaser. The line was not long at all, depending on where you wanted to sit you just had to wait one or two trains.

When I was in line for the next train, the train coming in came in to fast into the break run so the ride went into an emergency shut down. This was not the first time it had happened that day. The problem was due to the new wheels that had replaced the old ones because of the horrible vibration and noise that they made.

While they re-opened the ride I went to ThunderRun which also had no line. By the time I got off Storm Chaser was open again so I headed that way. I rode in the last seat and enjoyed every moment of it. Storm Chaser was better than ever with it’s new wheels. The ride was really smooth and fast with tons of airtime.

Storm Chaser

After Storm Chaser I rode Rollerskater just because and then we headed towards LightningRun. One of the best changes that the park has made that saves a lot of time is that they opened the cross walk to everyone not just people in wheelchairs.

That way everyone doesn’t have to cross the bridge which is a longer walk. When I rode LightningRun it was about midday the line was down the stairs but they were dispatching the trains fairly quickly, which I had not seen before on that ride. It also had both trains running which helped the line move quickly. LightingRun like Storm Chaser is also packed with tons of airtime moments which I enjoy.


After LightningRun I went to Cyclops which is a fun flat ride but I personally don’t like it that much. After that I went to eat. I had the BBQ Pork Fries which were really good and filling and the price wasn’t that bad either.

Something new that they also added is that on Fridays and Saturday they serve Chick-fil-a in two different locations. This could be some good news for those who enjoy Chick-fil-a because we might see an in park store coming in the future.


After lunch I went back to LightningRun since the line was empty. I rode it a couple of times and then went to Storm Chaser. The line for Storm Chaser stayed short for most of the rest of the day with it occasionally reaching the bottom of the stairs but not any longer.

I didn’t ride T3 this time because the line was a bit long and to me is not worth the wait for a ride that causes me pain. I did not go to the water park because as always it was full. That’s all I did for the day I just re-rode all the roller coasters except T3.

It was a good day with low crowds and nice weather. I think this park is one of the most unique parks because of the airport right next door which you see many planes fly by really close while landing and departing. The way that the park also manages to fit so many great coasters in that small space its also great. It shows how a coaster doesn’t have to be long or tall to be fun and thrilling.

I am really excited to see what new things will come to Kentucky Kingdom in future years. Maybe new shops, or a little more decorations around the park and making it more appealing, or maybe a new flat ride or even a roller coaster.

Who knows but there are sings towards the back of the park where Storm Chaser is that say “Fun Under Construction” so we might see something fun being added in a year or two. If you ever get a chance to come to Kentucky make sure to stop by Kentucky Kingdom you won’t regret it.

And if you show your out of state ID they have an offer that gives you 2 days entry and free drinks on both days for only $30.00 which I think its a great deal.

Kentucky Kingdom

Thank you for checking out our first Kentucky Kingdom park update!

Have you ridden Storm Chaser yet? Let us know in the comments!

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