Goliath is a B&M hyper coaster, built in 2006, that has many airtime hills, a turnaround helix, goes 70 mph, and has a very unique layout and setting. It’s an awesome coaster, and of the best coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia. With that said, let’s start the Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia ride review!


At 200 feet, Goliath is the tallest roller coaster in the park and can be seen from almost every part of the park. Board the very comfortable B&M lap-barred trains and dispatch up the 200 ft lift hill. From the top, you can see the whole park and even Atlanta. Drop down a 175 ft drop reaching 70 mph, and if you’re in the back row, you get a special airtime moment on the first drop. A slight turn at the bottom and launch into a huge airtime hill, drop 185 ft, turn, and go into another amazing airtime hill. After that, go into yet another airtime hill and be really surprised as you quickly turn into a double helix. Gray out at the bottom because it’s so intense, hit a slight trim brake, and launch into another airtime hill. Quickly take an unexpected banked turn over the road and come out of your seat on another floater airtime hill. After that it’s 2 more ejector airtime moments, quickly bank right, ejector airtime bump, and into the brakes.064078

Overall, this is definitely the best ride at Six Flags Over Georgia. It has some very intense moments and amazing airtime, both floater and ejector! I personally think the back row provides the most intense ride with some airtime on the first drop. This is a very long ride and it has a very unique layout. You start in the middle of the park, go over some roads outside of the park, come back into the park over roads, and do multiple hills over pathways in the park. The only disappointing part of this ride is that there is definitely a rattle on the first and second drop. Goliath is a must ride to anyone who loves airtime, speed, and intensity. Goliath is definitely in my top 10 coasters.

344EXTRA: This ride usually does not have a terribly long line for some reason, and the operations are always really good as they always run at least 2 trains and dispatch quickly. A downside is there are no bins on the ride platform, you must buy a locker if you have loose articles.

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