Gold Striker, the newest coaster at California’s Great America, has airtime and banked turns galore.

On this ride review, we review California’s objectively best wooden coaster, with an impressive 16 airtime moments, and a wealthy amount of banked turns spread out across the ride!

With that said, let’s start the review.

Gold Striker Star Tower Front 4/30

Gold Striker starts off with a few turns and airtime bumps before heading up the 108 foot lift hill.  You then head down the 103 foot drop through the longest descent tunnel on any coaster in the world.  Wrapping around the park’s Star Tower, you then have a near miss element with the queue line.

Gold Striker Line view 4/30

After, you go over a small airtime bump that provides the greatest moment of airtime on the entire coaster.  The train goes into an overbanked turn and down into another tunnel.  Banking to the left, you then go over a small airtime hump before heading into another banked turn.  Then, after banking left and right and going over another airtime hill, you head into a massive banked turn near the Celebration Swings.


After heading down a small drop, the ride goes into an often overlooked double up element, providing you with a mass amount of airtime.  After heading through a few banked turns, you finally head into the brake run.


Gold Striker has the most airtime and awesome banked turns of any wooden roller coaster in California.  Gold Striker is very much the highlight of California’s Great America, and is a must ride when visiting the park.


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If you want to know more about Gold Striker, click here.

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