Today we will be reviewing the acclaimed B&M Giga Coaster, Fury 325 at Carowinds located in the Carolinas. The ride kicks off with a very steep, and quite fast lift hill that elevates you to the rides max height of 325 feet. From there, it’s paradise for any coaster enthusiast. Now with all that said, let’s get this started! 


Instead of graying out on the first drop, and feeling the speed on the drop like on other Giga coasters such as Millennium Force (Cedar Point) and Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion), you experience a one-of-a-kind sense of weightlessness while experiencing insane ejector airtime. Next, the ride goes into an overbanked curve that also acts as a turnaround section. You don’t really get anything out of this element, but at least you get a second to realize the insane speed you are traveling at. Next are the two overbanked turns that give you an amazing sensation of sideways airtime. It is very comparable to the wave curve on Outlaw Run or Lightning Rod.


After you blast through the over banks, you experience what (in my opinion), is the best element on any rollercoaster; the treble clef turn. The ejector at the top of the hill is absolutely perfect, and the fact that you get no time to realize you are about to be banked at insane angles is also crazy. Once you pass through the treble clef, you brace for the tunnel dive. It’s a cool maneuver, but it doesn’t really add anything to the ride.


It’s just fun to experience. After you go through the tunnel, you go through the floater airtime hill section. It’s basically a weaker mini version of Intimidator. The ride loses a lot of its speed, and the airtime isn’t fantastic, but if you are in the front row, you pull extreme G-Force. After the helix, the ride basically goes through its final airtime section and plummets into the station. Overall, Fury is my favorite rollercoaster I have ever been on, and I have been on over 170 solid rides.


The B&M clamshell restraints on the ride work perfectly, and definitely enhance the airtime you get due to the fact that you really get to fly out of your seat, especially during the treble clef and the first airtime hill. Another thing I realized on the ride is that the people in the station were very nice, and even calmed down a guest who was extremely scared boarding the ride. Fury 325 is intense, relentless, smooth, and the closest a rollercoaster can get to perfect. And with that. This ends our Fury 325 review.


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