Another ride review from another incredible coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure: El Toro! This ride is considered by many a coaster enthusiast to be one of the best wooden roller coasters out there! So with all that said, let’s get this started!


I rode this 3 times during my trips to the park and wow, was this ride amazing. I rode the very back row (row 18), row 17 and row 9. Row 17 I recommend because you don’t grey out and it is more enjoyable than row 18.


This ride was only running 1 train each time I was in line for it, but twice when I was about to board, they added the 2nd train. This ride can run 2 trains at a time, holding an amazing 36 people per train, or 72 people total. This ride features a unique cable lift hill system that is not found on very many wooden coasters. The lift hill goes really fast, but luckily the ride is very tall, a staggering 180 feet tall. The angle of descent on this ride is 76 degrees! Formerly holding the record for the steepest drop on a wooden coaster (now held by Goliath at Six Flags Great America).


Opening in 2006, this ride was ahead of every other coaster in the world because of the cutting edge engineering that went into this ride. This coaster was made by Intamin and is called an Intamin pre-fab wooden coaster because the track was prefabricated, causing this ride to be very smooth. You start off your journey by slowly moving out of the station and make a 180 degree turn towards the lift hill. The train catches onto the cable lift hill and you get hauled up that 180 foot tower of pure wood. Then, as you slow your ascent, you stare in awe at the 170 foot, 76 degree, 70 mph drop you have ahead of you. (If you sit in row 17, you will have unbelievable airtime and a very good experience on this coaster). You get thrown down that enormous drop and hit the maximum speed that this crazy Bull has in store for you. Then, you get thrown into a series of massive airtime hills and you get great ejector airtime on these.


Then, you ride through a massive turn around that ends up in a drop with more airtime. Another small and powerful airtime hill and you turn for the last half of the ride. After getting launched into another incredible airtime hill, you fall down and get powered through not 1, not 2, but 3 back to back to back 90 degree (more or less) banked turns that provide insane G forces. Then, you go through the last series airtime hills and hit the brakes. Congratulations, you have just ridden perhaps the greatest wooden roller coaster ever built!


This is my #1 wooden coaster I have ridden and my #1 overall! This ride was truly unbelievable. The amount of ejector airtime on this ride, and airtime in general is truly a one of a kind experience. It has been in the Top 10 wooden coasters of all time for many years, according to the Golden Ticket Awards and there is not a doubt about that. You must experience this coaster if you are ever in the Jackson, New Jersey area. This ride is amazing, but it is not for everyone. If you can’t handle very intense coasters, then I would re-consider riding this ride. Nevertheless, El Toro is one crazy bull that you should mess with!

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