I was very fortunate to be invited to the media day/ride opening ceremony for the Dragon Flyers at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.  While this event was for the Dragon Flyers, I still got to get a coaster credit on the Pacific Fruit Express and a ride on the historic Danny the Dragon.  Now let’s get things started.


Mayor Sam Liccardo spoke for a bit about how the ride was brought here and who all helped to bring it here.  Fun Fact: I go to the high school he went to.


Next, the representative for district 7, where Happy Hollow is located, Tam Nguyen spoke about the ride and how much pride he had for the park.


Last of all, Former Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen, the main reason the ride came to the park, talked about the steps she had to go through and how she was so happy that the ride was coming.


Fire for the ribbon cutting!


The Mayor on the first ride!


The ride in motion.  It is a children’s ride where you pedal to make the ride go up and down as you go through it.

Off Ride video from the queue line.


Next, I went on Pacific Fruit Express for a credit run.  Probably the only roller coaster themed to fruit transport.



Pretty rough coaster towards the end, but overall, fairly fun.


Next it was the historic Danny the Dragon, one of the first rides made by Arrow Development, who used to be one of the top players in the business.


Danny’s Backside looks very good for such an old ride, definitely a good job of refurbishing a few years back.


With that, it was time to leave my visit to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.  Very fun day, with a cool new ride that will very much benefit the park.

A great thank you to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo for inviting us to their great ride opening ceremony, and thank you for checking out our Dragon Flyers opening ceremony report!

What do you think of Happy Hollow Park & Zoo? Comment below!

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