This review is about Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters located at Disney’s California Adventure. Yes, I understand that this is not a coaster. But it is still a fun ride and a great fit for the Cars Land themed area in the park. So without further ado, let’s get this started!


For those of you that don’t know, this ride replaced Luigi’s Flying Tires earlier this year. The Flying Tires was also a fun ride, but too many mechanical problems caused Luigi’s tires to “deflate”. So, Luigi then called his “cousins” to have a dance party at Disney. And thus, Rollickin’ Roadsters was born. Now, I waited about 15-20 minutes for this ride because I had time to spare before my fast-pass time availability for Soarin’ Over the World was ready for me. The entrance and indoor queue are the same (except for the name of course), but I don’t remember tire shaped gardens and scenery last time, so I considered them new. The theming, (just like any other Disney ride) is amazing. At night, the Italian flags and, the lights to compliment them, are spectacular. The overall atmosphere of this ride is outstanding. Now, onto the ride itself. There are 18 cars that hold 2 people per car but can squeeze in 3 people per car if there are smaller guests. A great 36+ person capacity makes the wait tolerable.


So, you go through some movements side to side  forwards and backward. During the middle part of the ride, all but 2 cars are on the outer part of the ride. Those 2 are in the middle, replicating 2 dance partners having a “solo.” You do get thrown around quite a bit considering your only safety restraint is just a seat-belt. And at the end of the ride, you are maneuvered into 2 rapid twists/spins back to back for some great thrills. Then, you move slightly to the right or left (depending on which car you chose) and the ride ends. There is a medley of Italian themed music playing throughout the ride. Overall, I liked this ride and its great if you have time to spare or if you have not ridden it before. Make sure you check this ride out if you visit the park!

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