With it being just shy of two months since Valravn opened, I have been able to go to the park about a half dozen times. Valravn is still great, and the park overall is amazing. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about changes to the park, so let’s get started.


First off, let’s start off with Valravn. Its still a great ride, but over the course of the week between 6/15/16-6/20/16, Valravn only opened once or twice a day for a hour or two. I managed to get to the park three times, and every time I looked at it, it was closed. Curious as to what was going on, but glad to say it’s finally 100% operational.


Next off is the former area of Shoot the Rapids. I was finally able to get a pic of the area, and not much has changed, yet. Everything is there; scenery, station, etc., except for the track of course. I have a strong feeling that it will remain this way for at least another year, but I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.


Next we have Mean Streak. I now had the chance to see the markings, and there sure was a lot of them. There were pink dots on almost every footer, except for ones under the lift and the final brake run. Also, there have been sightings of sticks in the ground, both large and small. Also, I have heard rumors about Mean Streak workers being repositioned in July, but I cannot confirm that. Finally, the red train has been removed from the track probably for good, and leaves it with just two, Gold and Green.

. IMG_5709  IMG_5877

I do not believe, and can almost guarantee, the supposed “RMC” treatment, if it were to happen, will not be done until 2018. It is just a too large of a job to get done in less than a year, especially with the weather in Ohio. And the RMC stick that has been circling around, it does not stand for “Rocky Mountain Construction”, it stands for “Rigid Metal Conduct”, a term used in electrical engineering (Sorry guys).

Lastly, we have Challenge Park. I believe this will be the area of focus for 2017, with a large water park expansion due for Soak City. Nothing in the area has been changed (just grass and dirt), but it could be changing here very shortly. An update to the picture posted below, it is now covered with a green liner that is very hard to see through, and the fence has also been raised, possibly a sign of things to come.


This view could be very different a few years from now.


Going into the possible Soak City expansion. I could see them doing a whole bunch of things. First off, and probably least likely, but I could see them removing Magnum XL-200, clearing up a lot of space in both the front and back of the water park. I doubt this will happen, with it being an ACE land mark, but it has seen a decrease in rider popularity and has gotten a bit rough over the years. Going on 30 years old, it has reached its end, and its demise could be very soon.

Secondly, and most likely if it were to happen, I could see them connecting the water park with the main park, as Cedar Point has been offering significant discounts to the water park. I could see the golf and Ripcord attractions be removed/relocated, along with the deconstruction of the Auntie Anne’s/Cinnabon food location outside the park. As for the choice of what to be added, I see them adding a drop-slide complex like the Cedar Fair parks have, along with a wave pool, possible updated/new children’s area, and possibly an entirely new complex with a large choice of possibilities.


Thanks for reading this update, and I’ll keep you posted on anything that changes.

What do you think is coming to Cedar Point in 2017? Tell us in the comments!

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Cedar Point Update 6/26/16 — 1 Comment

  1. I will definitely stop going to Cedar point if they ever remove the magnum XL 200. This is my favorite ride in the park. I will be so disappointed and upset and refuse to pay to get into the park. If they can keep the blue streak that’s been there over my age they can keep the magnum as well.

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