Last week, I had the chance to go up to Cedar Point for the final day of operation for Mean Streak. It was only open for an hour, however, there were A LOT of people there. The line went out the queue and over the tracks to almost across from Maverick’s entrance.


For everyone that rode Mean Streak that day, they were given a Mean Streak Last Day pin as well as a Mean Streak keychain. I managed to get two, but am down to one for my collection.


At 7:30 pm, Mean Streak gave its last ride, with none other than Mean Streak Henry aboard.  Just prior to that, was the closing ceremony for Mean Streak, in which the funeral director’s name was Richard Michael Crosby (if you would like to the see the closing ceremony, visit my page @thecoastermaniac).


A procession was then led, with Mean Streak’s sign in hand, to the Dead Rides Cemetery at the front of the park. Tony Clark, Jason McClure, as well as thousands of guests, were all there to witness this event.


At night, I also experienced four haunted houses/walkthroughs. To say the least, they were very boring and very few people were inside each haunt, but probably due to the fact it was their first day.


And one final update on Cedar Point 2017.

Work has begun on the waterpark expansion, as well as the expansion of both Hotel Breakers and Cedar Point’s Express Hotel (formerly Breakers Express). The mini golf has begun demolition, and Ripcord has been removed, and the relocation spot is currently unknown. Due to the fact that it was a night-time visit, I have no photos of the construction, but look forward to them in future updates.  If you would like to know the exact details on the Hotel expansions, visit Cedar Point’s website for more information.

UPDATE POST 9/16/16.

An RMC crane has been spotted at Cedar Point, and track has begun to be removed. But due to the fact that the photos are not mine, and they have not been confirmed, I cannot post them.

Thank you for checking out this park update!

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