This post will be a little different from past park updates, as it will solely be about the Taste of Orleans Festival held at the park on second to last and last weekends of July.  Taste of Orleans has been hyped up by many coaster enthusiasts leading up to the event since the start of the season, when California’s Great America accidentally listed the event under the fireworks schedule.


You first buy a Tasting Card to get food from the 6 spots along the midway that makes up Orleans Plaza.


The park had many live musical acts, including Andre Dierry.


First, I had the Crawfish Etoufee CrawDogs.  Despite the appearance, these were excellent.  They had the crawfish mixed in with Creole Mustard, which was amazing.


The Gumbo was spicy and delicious.  There was chicken and peppers in it along with many sauces, highlighting New Orleans food.


The Chicken wings were good, but felt a little more generic than the other items.  Mine were also a little burnt, but still delicious.


Last for me was the Creole meatballs, which were suprisingly tangy, despite the look.  Definitely something I would have again.


Thank you for checking out our Taste of Orleans review!

What do you think of California’s Great America holding this event?  Do you want them to hold something like this again?

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