I had the opportunity to go to California’s Great America on Labor Day for The Last Stand on Vortex.  I honestly was a little disappointed with the lack of signage for Vortex’s last operating day.  As you will see below, there were two signs, one out front and one near Vortex.  However, I’ll talk about other stuff going on in the park before talking about the last stand.



First off, The park has also put up advertisements for both WinterFest and Halloween Haunt.  The WinterFest one out front, and Haunt one’s peppered throughout the park.




CGA is starting to get really prepped up for Halloween Haunt, as the Toy Factory Facade is put out, as well as other preparations around the park.


Meanwhile, back near the First Aid Station and behind the Great America Theater, the park has put up one more facade, this one for a windmill.


Now, let’s get started with Vortex’s last hours.  Pictured above is the one and only sign inside the park stating that Vortex would be closing forever that night.


Here is maybe the best photo to show how little attention Vortex receives from park guests.  This was the train during loading 30 minutes before Vortex closed forever.  This photo shows how much Vortex needed to be shut down.  It was honestly kind of depressing to see everybody just passing it by because they did not know it was even closing in less than an hour. This could have easily been fixed by doing something like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom did with Roar last year, highly publicizing it to get people to come into the park.  I’m sorry if this came off as more of a rant, but I needed to vent about it.


Also, I spotted a marking with some friends near the corkscrew on Vortex, about the size of the footer next to it.  I’m not sure what this could be for, but we’ll probably find out soon enough!


I will leave you with a picture of a kinda enthusiast last ride crew, with, in order, me, Great American Thrills and Robert Ingle, who made the Legacy of Arrow documentary, the three guys from California Coaster Kings, and another fan whom I did not get the chance of talking to.

Thank you for reading our latest park update.

What are your thoughts on Vortex closing?  Tell us in the comments below!

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