With Summer in full swing and the new Taste of Orleans Festival coming up, I decided to come to California’s Great America for the low crowds. Everything, except for the epitome of my creation Grizzly, was a walk on all day.  The park was actually having an average day attendance wise, but the attendance was mostly small kids and not schools coming in droves.


Gold Striker’s line was barely down the stairs all day.  One thing I noticed about one of the trains was that one of the cars had stuff written on it in marker!  I don’t know how and why somebody would do this, but the park should find a way to clean it up because it makes the park look a lot worse than it should.


The park has set up a big stage for their Remix’d show. It is a lot grander than the show stages in the plaza have been in year’s past, so I think this is a great thing for the park to have.  It is nice to see the stage finally put together after it being under construction for so long.



The park has set up a sign promoting the Taste of Orleans Festival, as well as refreshing some flowers to prepare for the festival.


Vortex was testing all day, but never opened.  It does look like they are trying to get the second train up and running, so look forward to less waiting in the next few weeks.


Flight Deck had absolutely no wait all day.  The pond over by the corkscrew and final helix also has seen more algae growing in it, which doesn’t give the same effect of having a clear view below you.

Thank you for checking out our latest California’s Great America Park Update!

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