With school weaning out of session, and temperatures low in the evening, I decided it would be a great idea to go to California’s Great America.

The first thing I did was ride Gold Striker. The operations today were really bad, and the line took about 10 to 15 minutes more than it usually does from the point it was at when we got in line.  This is a shot I took from the switchbacks.


However, the ride was still running great.  I might get a lot of flack for saying this, but right now, Gold Striker is definitely my #1 Wooden Coaster in all of California.  But that is also considering that Apocalypse and Ghostrider are the only real competition.


Next was Vortex.  It is still on one train operation, but the line was still at a maximum of 10 minutes.  This coaster badly needs a conversion of some form, as it is one of the most painful rides in the park.  Also, you can see the second train being worked on behind the station, hopefully meaning it will return to two train operation soon.


After that headache of a ride, I needed a smooth Invert to offset the pain. Flight Deck also had a relatively long line. However, the crew was really hustling to get trains out.  Props to the fantastic crew.  Of course being Flight Deck, the ride was as intense as ever, and was on it’s skates the whole ride.



Next was Mass Effect: New Earth, which is still in “Beta Testing” four days before it opens to the public.  This is probably the first ride I have ever gone on three times before even the Media Day. One great thing is that the ride film was slightly different than it was last time.


Next was Drop Tower, which was down for most of the day.  The views of the city at the top of the tower are amazing at night with all of the lights.  But obviously, I was not able to take a picture from the top.


Next was Demon, which had absolutely no wait at all.  The tunnel on this ride is probably the coolest thing at California’s Great Americas at night, as you are in complete darkness for 2 to 3 seconds, something you never get on the other night rides.


Now for a quick update on the Coca Cola Refill station in the Food Court. The whole station is constructed at this point, but it appears that there will not be a Coca Cola Freestyle here. Which is kind of disappointing.


Last up was a night ride on Gold Striker in the second row. Gold Striker was running even better than earlier in the day, flying through every airtime moment.  Even with the ride operator slamming the lap bar into my waist, I still felt so much airtime.


That was it for my night at CGA, as the park had already closed by the time I got off Gold Striker at 10:30.  I will leave you with a short video I took walking out of the park.

Thank you guys so much for checking out our latest park update!

Will you be riding Mass Effect: New Earth after it opens on May 18? Tell us in the comments!

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