20160628_153114Earlier this summer, I was given the opportunity to visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg for my first ever visit. I first arrived at the park to discover that it was empty as I never waited more than 3 trains for a coaster even in the front or back rows. So with that said, let’s get this started!77e8d371-ee59-4106-bf2a-d60f10e8d2dc (1)

The first roller coaster I rode was Tempesto, featuring the Busch Gardens quality comfort collars. While I found the coaster exciting, the comfort collars cause minor headbanging and much slower operations. Overall, while I found it to be a fine ride, it was nothing special and by far the worst major coaster at the park.


The second coaster I rode was Apollos Chariot which was when I discovered something amazing about the park. The operations on every ride are spectacular, every employee looks like they care about their jobs and actually try to dispatch trains quickly.

I rarely saw a dispatch over 2 minutes and every coaster was running at least 2 trains even on a slow day. Apollos Chariot was a spectacular ride. Having not ridden Fury 325, it is my absolute favorite B&M coaster ever built. Every single hill had insane airtime, and not just floater, but also ejector. It is also in a beautiful location which adds to the ride experience to an extreme degree.


After Apollo’s Chariot I left the Festa Italia section of the park and entered Oktoberfest which was beautifully themed and walked up to Verbolten which I was heavily anticipating. The ride has a well themed queue with videos of a German woman giving information about the ride. The ride itself is very fun and well themed but the vertical drop is slightly disappointing, feeling more like a tease than a real drop.

After Verbolten, it was time to get lunch. We decided to eat at the Festhaus as it had the most options for my family. I got the roasted chicken which was delicious and the park has much better food than any of my home parks.

After lunch we finally got to the other side of the park and rode the final 3 coasters at the park. We started with Alpengeist which was sending trains that were completely empty with the exception of the front and back row. The coaster was way faster and more intense that I ever could have expected. It was smooth and just spectacular. Overall it is my new favorite inverted coaster, beating Banshee, Raptor, and Great Bear. 88a46ded-ba9a-473b-889f-3c89d551307b

The next coaster was Loch Ness Monster, a coaster that surprised me quite a bit. The ride is not rough like most arrow coasters, and actually was quite fun with tunnels, drops, and of course, the awesome interlocking loops.   7cd50a6f-887b-4e7d-b43a-8eadf7339448 (1)

Finally, we rode Griffon, my second dive coaster. We waited extra time to ride in the front wing, and the first thing we noticed was the size of the track, it is double the size of Alpengeist’s track, making the ride even more photogenic than it already is. The ride is OK, an awesome drop and splashdown, but also a very noticeable rattle and a very short ride time.


Overall Busch Gardens exceeded my expectations, not only with the rides, but also with the theming and food. It is definitely my favorite Busch Gardens/Sea World park, and also my new 3rd favorite park overall. Thanks for reading my first park update, and I hope to post many more in the future. 20160628_153114

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