The New Revolution, Coming Spring 2016!

The worlds first giant loop at 90 feet high and 45 feet in diameter, “The One Loop Wonder” is getting a makeover in 2016!


The New Revolution, the beloved steel roller coaster that has thrilled over 45 million guests in its 40-year reign at the park, will be repainted a brilliant white and blue color, while newly designed trains will be fitted with lap and calf bars, and feature Americana red, white and blue colors with a silver eagle hood adornment. For coaster fans, the elimination of shoulder harnesses will provide a smoother, sleeker ride experience with more airtime.

With its new trains and makeover, The New Revolution will also feature:

  • The world’s first giant loop – 90 feet high and 45 feet in diameter
  • Fast and furious dips and dives, built into the park’s lush hillsides
  • Speeds of 55 mph
  • Two minutes of thrills on 3,457 feet of track.

The original Revolution steel coaster opened on May 8, 1976 as the Great American Revolution, in honor of the country’s bicentennial celebration. Its farewell run will occur on September 7, 2015 after which the transformation will begin.

The New Revolution – the World’s First Looping Coaster

  • Opening Date: 2016
  • Height Restriction: Must be at least 48” tall
  • Location: Near Grand Carousel in Baja Ridge

PSD SFMM The New Revolution KA

The New Revolution is getting newly designed trains with no OTSRs (Over The Shoulder Restraints), the train will also feature Americana red, white, and blue colors on the train with a silver eagle adornment on the hood of the train.

The track will be painted with blue supports and white track. Also coming to The New Revolution: new ride effects!

The only new ride effect we know of as of now is lights on the loop. That’s just what we know of now; time to get into some rumors.

I’ve been hearing rumors that the whole Revolution area is gonna get redone. Not like how they did Screampunk District, though. But that’s just rumors, no promises… yet. 😉 We could also see the waterfall be brought back. When I visited the park last Sunday, I saw a big pile of rocks right next to the big construction wall they have blocking revolution’s entrance. I think it’s more than likely the waterfall will get rebuilt in 2016. Now, time for some  non-The New Revolution Rumors.

Tatsu MAY get repainted in 2016 for its 10th anniversary. Don’t get your hopes up. It’s just a rumor, not a fact.

Let’s end this ride rumor with concept art for The New Revolution!


The New Revolution, Coming Spring 2016!

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The New Revolution Ride Rumors & Analysis — 4 Comments

  1. Great article! I have a question though- what are calf bars? Are they the same restraints present on Full Throttle and Twisted Colossus or are they something else?

    Also, I don’t think the removal of the OTSRs will increase the ride’s popularity. My dad used to live 30 minutes from SFMM when he was in high school and he told me that he always rode Revolution because it never had a line. And that’s when there were no OTSRs! So yeah, for us coaster enthusiasts I think this will be a big change for the ride, but I don’t think the GP will really give a crap.

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