Today we will be reviewing what is arguably the best RMC out there: Wicked Cyclone. This ride is an amazing ride filled with awesome airtime, inversions, and it’s just an all around great coaster. So with that said, let’s get this started!


To kick this off, I would just like to say that this is my favorite coaster out of the 140 coasters that I have ridden. It’s packed with ejector airtime and this ride is just relentless. You never feel like this ride is boring, even at the very end when the ride reaches its slowest point, although, you’re still being thrown around in the banks and crazy airtime of the ride.


So, this ride has 3 inversions: Zero G Stall, Zero-G Roll, and Heartline Roll. The Zero G Stall is amazing, and the Heartline Roll and Zero G roll make you feel weightless. Then there is the airtime. The ride stays low to the ground, so the ejector airtime hills are pretty fast! There’s also a double down on this ride which sends you flying out of your seat twice, which is my favorite part of the ride. This ride may not be the tallest roller coaster out there, but it sure makes up for its lack of height with great airtime, hangtime, and one of the best roller coasters in the world! If I had to give this a rating, it would be 10/10! This is an awesome ride, and I highly recommend it to any hardcore enthusiasts who may be reading this. And that ends this ride review of Wicked Cyclone.


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