One of our new repersentatives was able to go to Knott’s Berry Farm to ride the new GhostRider. He was also kind enough to bring use a ride review for it. So without further ado, let’s start this ride review for the new GhostRider!


First off, this ride is spectacular. GCI did a wonderful job in restoring this woodie. The classic turn around right out of the station was very smooth. The first drop was epic. (Back row whips you around more over the first drop, providing a little airtime).

The turn out of the drop was WAY smoother, no greying out on this one. The first of many camelback humps/hills had great airtime. The turn around over the street was still unbanked, providing some lateral G’s.

The drop after the turn around was awesome. More floater airtime this time. The MCBR is finally gone! The train flies through the second half of the course. The drop is very fast out of the old MCBR area.

The other turns provided more lateral G’s. More floater air over the camelbacks. The final turn around/ helix provided extreme intense lateral G’s. And a bit more airtime right before the brake run.

The back was a bit rough for me. The front was OUTSTANDING. Very smooth in the front, and very fast. The trains look outstanding as well. Overall: 9/10. If there was more theming, it would have received a 10/10. I highly recommend this ride if you ever get the chance to visit this awesome park.

Thank you so much for checking out our newest ride review!

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